At Richmond Wheel & Castor Co we’ve been customising polyurethane moving solutions for over 40 years, with leading design and manufacturing techniques that allow our team to create tailored solutions for your required application.

With the highest abrasion resistance of any polymer family, polyurethane is also the most versatile, allowing our team to make products within a broad hardness range – meaning it can be the perfect replacement for almost any rubber, injection moulded plastic or engineering plastic materials.

Our standard hardness range can cater for any application, with a wide-range of stock in-house for fast order fulfilment.

This includes 50A, 60A, 77A, 85A, 90A, 95A, 57D, 65D and 75D and standard colour options of Red, Black, Orange, Grey, Yellow and Green.

The perfect partner for custom polyurethane products

For specific applications Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. can expertly manufacture polyurethane products in any hardness from 25A to 85D.

How does polyurethane compare to alternative material selections?


Compared to rubber Compared to metal Compared to injection moulded plastics
Superior abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance High impact resistance
Wide range or hardness for more application flexibility Non-corrosive Much lower tooling cost
Lighter load bearing Light weight Elastic memory
Cut and tear resistant Flexible Thick and thin section mouldings
Uv and ozone resistance Impact resistant Noise reduction
Lower cost tooling Nonconductive Lower and higher temperature range capable
Thicker sections possible Non sparking Resilience
Parts with very thick and thin sections possible Lower cost fabrication Elastic memory
Colourability Lower cost tooling compared to cast steel/iron parts Wide range or hardness for more application flexibility
Can be manufactured with a FRAS Rating (fire resistance & antistatic) Noise reduction in impact applications Abrasion resistance
Won’t damage other steel or concrete surfaces like steel components

What polyurethane products can we manufacture for your business?

Using precision engineering techniques and the latest equipment, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co can design and deliver any type of polyurethane product for your business needs! 

By utilising Richmond’s in-house moulding processes we can manufacture custom shapes, hardness variability and load bearing solutions, giving us a distinct advantage over traditional suppliers across Australia.

With nearly 10,000 products in our growing range, why not talk with our design and engineering team about our custom polyurethane product solutions?

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