Richmond Custom Designed And Manufactured Wheels Rollers For Industry

RICHMOND don’t just sell Wheels and Rollers, we are the industry leader in manufacturing short run precision wheels, rollers and custom drive components for many different industries. Richmond can utilize 50 years of wheel making experience when designing and manufacturing products for all clients. From off the shelf products to entirely custom designed and manufactured items, Richmond can provide a total solution to suit any custom application.

Custom machinery often requires custom parts that enable the unique operation of the device or machine. Richmond has made many different types of wheels, rollers, castors and other products enabling a total concept delivery for every solution provided.

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Moving large, heavy and expensive equipment from one place to another is an essential task in many lines of work, but it is nonetheless full of potential difficulties. Apart from needing to make the entire procedure safe for you and your staff, it’s also important to ensure that the equipment is not damaged in the process, and that the procedure can be conducted with maximum ease and efficiency. Of course, the most obvious solution is to invest in some wheels to fit on the bottom of your equipment – but only high-quality custom made wheels are guaranteed to give you the best results.

There is a huge variety of different wheels suitable for moving industrial equipment and machinery, and different materials and sizes are appropriate for different circumstances. The best option for you might not be readily available on the local market, which is why it helps to be able to work with an online specialist willing to accommodate your particular needs.

The Best Custom Wheels NZ Has Available

Here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, we have over 60 years of experience in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying premium-quality wheels, castors, rollers and similar equipment, and our online catalogue of products showcases the vast range we currently stock. And if you have a unique set of requirements of preferences, we’re happy to work closely with you in order to provide a solution that is tailored to you.

Over the years since we began trading, we’ve built a strong reputation as one of the leading suppliers of custom wheels in Australia and New Zealand, with products made with top-quality materials and with effectiveness, durability and affordability in mind at all times. So, when it comes to finding custom wheels for sale near you, there’s no reason to waste hours upon hours going around your local hardware stores and showrooms in the hope of finding just the right product for your situation. Instead, you can simply sit back in your own office and browse through an incredible range of options on our custom wheels online site, where you’ll find plenty of clear information about each and every product we sell, helping you to make a fully-informed decision.

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Once you’ve found the product which is ideal for your business, just use the easy online system to place your order, which will then be sent straight to your door as swiftly as possible. If you’d like to speak to a member of our highly knowledgeable and friendly team in order to discuss your options regarding bespoke, custom made wheels, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

Alternatively, just pay us a visit at our showroom in Auckland, where you’ll be able to see our products up close and chat to our team in person about how the best custom wheels New Zealand has to offer can make life at work much easier and more convenient for you and your staff.
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Rollers are moulded to oversize dimensions allowing for final machining to exacting tolerances. Richmond Wheels & Rollers are unmatched in the mining and pipeline industry with precision bearings and axle manufacturing process controls that allow for ultimate performance of all products.

Richmond Rollers and Wheels can be machined to provide use on any surface or for direct contact with pipeline structures. Complete manufacturing control over the polyurethane moulding process allows the engineers at Richmond to provide a shore rating from 60A to 75D including the use of FRAS (Fire Retardant Anti Static) formulas when designing and manufacturing rollers and wheels for any industry.

Richmond Engineers can also help design speciality rollers for pipe products including complete drive assemblies and motorized bogey systems. Complete FRAS (fire retardant anti static) rollers and drive wheels can be made to suit any requirement or application.

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