Allowing you to control the amount of manufacturing input for your products and projects, we can adapt to your unique business needs. With over 40 years’ experience our technical specialists can manufacture 50A, 60A, 77A, 85A, 90A, 95A, 57D, 65D & 75D from our standard high performance polyurethane materials that we carry in stock.

Alternatively, we can also rapidly supply polyurethane products in any specific desired hardness (+/- 2 Shore hardness) points between 25A & 80D, with standard colours available in Red, Black, Orange, Grey, Yellow and Green.

Common Applications of Polyurethane Sheets

Polyurethane Sheets are commonly used for water jet cutting gaskets, washers, spacers, wear plates and scraper blades with superior resilience and sealing performance when compared to rubber.

Sheets can also be used as heavy impact resistant worktable tops, crane outrigger pads, attached to dump truck trays and other earthmoving equipment to reduce noise during earth moving works. Also, we commonly fit polyurethane to earth moving equipment caterpillar to prevent damage to asphalt and concrete floors.


Solid Polyurethane Round Rods, Square Rods, Tubes, Hollow Bar and Pipes

These products are ideal for further machining into bushings, buffers (including suspension buffers), couplings, rollers, and for protecting the inside diameter of pipe pumping high abrasive, caustic, or corrosive mediums such as slurry pumping.

These sections can also be simply cut to length to produce gaskets, washers, buffers and numerous other products for your business.

Given the large variety of hardness availability and our expertise producing small to very large parts, the possibility for Polyurethane Sheet, Rods, Bars and Pipe solutions are only limited by your imagination.

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