How do our Anti-Fatigue Mats Reduce Worker Fatigue?

Each mat features a domed surface that improves circulation and posture by keeping your feet moving whilst standing. This results in less discomfort and fatigue when standing for extended periods. Improving quality of life by giving relief from standing on hard surfaces.

  • 2 sizes available
  • Moulded rubber construction provides comfort and relief for leg and back fatigue
  • Available in solid black or black with high visibility yellow border
  • Non-slip safety edges around each mat for increased stability

Fatigue Mats is Perfect for warehouses, retail settings, offices, and more

The thick rubber construction and non-slip rubber edges make these mats perfect for all kinds of environments. These commercial anti-fatigue mats are perfect for any setting where employees are standing for extended periods of time.

Our floor mats with yellow safety edges offer increased visibility to reduce tripping hazards. These are available in two standard sizes – 60 x 90cm or 90cm x 1.2m.

Fatigue Mats, Trolleys, Carts, Castors, and Other Tools to Make Your Life Easier

We also take pride in how much easier we’ve made life for Australians across dozens of industries in the last few decades. Thanks to our commitment to manufacturing respectable stock trolleys, service carts, wheels, roll cages, and anti-fatigue mats, just to name a few, we’ve made things safer, quicker, and more reliable. Our products are out there making jobs less hazardous and more efficient in restaurants, hotels, factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, bars, retail stores, and more. We’ve indirectly helped prevent tons of injuries and gradual damage to workers’ bodies, and that’s something we don’t take for granted.

On Your Feet? Treat Them Right with Fatigue Matts

Plenty of jobs require you to be on your feet constantly, but that doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable while standing. As workers everywhere will agree, constant standing can cause more soreness after a while than constant walking. After several days in a row, your feet are probably begging you to stop. And how can you enjoy your time off if you’re sore and drained from work every time? No, a proper work environment will account for staff comfort, and our anti-fatigue mats can be a part of that.

Made with thick moulded rubber, our mats are built to fit along your route without being in your way. They feature brightly coloured edges to prevent tripping, and they’re patterned with domes to disperse pressure on the soles of your feet. The uniform but uneven surface helps blood circulate across your feet and legs. In other words, you’ll feel less sore and more energetic. And you don’t need us to tell you how much of a difference a bit less soreness in the legs can make.

Do you work in a bar? In a clothing outlet? On an assembly line? These mats will totally change your workdays for the better.

Find Us Anywhere You Need A Fatigue Mats

We at Richmond will always be a family business that values quality, loyalty, and Australian resourcefulness. But it is true that we’ve grown into quite a big family since the early days. Thanks to a mixture of quality products and business savvy, we’ve survived the economic rollercoaster of the decades and grown. Now, you’ll find a showroom of ours in every Australian state, plus Auckland!

That makes it much easier for you to order from us, either in person or via delivery. We’re able to ship basically anywhere in the country, and we can do it with much more speed than other companies with fewer locations. So, if you’re on a tight schedule, we’re the best option. If you need safety equipment before you can start operations, we’ll get it to you quickly.

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