Because Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. has been making polyurethane wheels for over 40 years, we’ve built up a large selection of tools, dies and moulds so the chances are very high we already have the right type and size of wheel or roller you need. If for any reason we don’t have the right wheel and roller for your business, then let us know and we can design a custom solution for you.

In Australia and New Zealand, we stock a huge range of standard off the shelf polyurethane tyred wheels and rollers, as well as an even bigger selection of standard made-to-order options.

If you’re seeking a wheel or roller for a common application, then chances are we have a suitable option for you in stock in your state, or at our Victorian warehouse.

We have the capability to produce and fulfill urgent orders, so please get in touch with your polyurethane product requirements!

Custom Polyurethane Wheels, Castors,
and Rollers that Stand Above the Rest


Automatic Keyway Cutting Machine on site

Did you know we recently invested in an automatic keyway cutting machine in our Melbourne manufacturing hub? This is purely so we can bore and key any wheel or roller to suit your needs as fast as we possibly can! Visit our made-to-order Polyurethane Tyred Wheels and Rollers page for more information.

Non-typical Wheel or Roller Solutions

If your project requires a wheel or roller solution for a non-typical application, then we can help. With over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing high-quality polyurethane moving solutions, our in-house team of engineers and technical specialists are ready to assist.

We can supply the smallest of wheels and rollers for food processing and printing equipment to the largest of trunnion, trommel, crane, wharf, bogie or conveyor pulley wheels and rollers and of course everything in between. Below is just a small collection of the non-standard wheel and rollers Richmond has delivered to happy customers over the decades.

How We Saved A Customer Thousands Of Dollars

A large-scale customer came to us with a major problem: the solid rubber press tyres on its forging manipulator were wearing out too quickly, costing a fortune and taking far too long to import from Europe.

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. was ready to help! Using an old set of press on rims from the customer, we were able to mould new polyurethane tyres to them. Not only did we save them thousands of dollars, but these updated tyres offer superior performance and last longer than the OEM lifespan.

Why Choose Our Polyurethane Wheels and Rollers?

  • Solutions for any tyre size or application no matter how complex
  • Provide higher load capacity with updated polyurethane tyres
  • Improved durability saves your business money in the long term
  • Result better than OEM lifespan as standard with our solutions
  • Standard non-marking tyres offer outstanding abrasion resistance and strength, and don’t mark your floors like solid rubber tyres

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. can manufacture the highest quality, best performing polyurethane wheels and tyres for your business!

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