Richmond manufactures our own moulds tools and dies in-house with our wide variety of lathes, machining centres, ring rollers and pattern making capabilities, including large capacity 3D printing. Because polyurethane is mostly produced by low pressure pouring and casting methods tools, does and moulds don’t need to hold much if any pressure.

This means unlike polymer production method such as injection moulding, we don’t need to hold moulds tools and dies together with large amounts of hydraulic force, which makes all tools, moulds and dies more economical by default.

Wheels and rollers are generally made in moulds, tools and dies using simple steel cylinders and locators with the mould being held together by only gravity. Other parts might need some simple clamps, locators and bolts to achieve a precise and repeatable outcome.

For high quantity orders, we will typically invest in a mould, tool or die with multi cavities, designed to completely prevent the need for post casting machining operations to achieve the desired outcome.

For lower quantity orders it may be most economical to produce a simple tool, mould or die which might require one or 2 post casting machining operations because this will be the fastest and or most economical method to fulfil an order. The tooling approach is generally a case-by-case decision, we can offer our assistance to achieve the right outcome for your project.

We manufacture tools from steel, aluminium, polyurethane and other plastics, as well as 3D printing, fibreglass. On rare occasions for very large parts requiring low volume quantities, we can manufacture moulds from timber.

We are most happy to work with any existing mould and achieve a great outcome or support any customer with the right advice who may wish to manufacture their own mould for us to then make polyurethane castings with.

Here are a few examples of moulds, tools and dies and post moulding finish machining of some various polyurethane products.

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