Need a Good Quality Sliding Door Track? We’ve Got it Covered

Our range includes: Hanging roller channels, 2 & 4 wheel roller sets, wall & roof mount support brackets, end stoppers, floor mount door guides, track joiners, and end stops. Contact our staff today for help creating the perfect hanging roller door or gate solution for your requirements.

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Important things to consider for your hanging door/gate installation:

How long is the hanging gate, door etc. going to be?

The hanging channel is supplied in 2.9m or 5.8m lengths. Depending on your application, additional lengths will be needed. In this case, a joint support bracket would be required.

Will the channel be mounted on a wall or roof?

The channel bracket you need will vary depending on your application. For installation you will require at least 2x channel brackets per 2.9m length of gate track.

What type of rollers do you need?

Depending on the weight of your gate the rollers you need will vary. The 2 wheel rollers are suitable for loads up to 350kg, and the 4 wheel rollers for loads up to 460kg (per roller set).

In fact, at Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., we specialise in all things involving safe, efficient, reliable movement. If something needs moving, we can provide the right equipment, regardless of size, shape, weight, and circumstances. We can help large factories and the average homeowner alike. Whether your object that needs moving is a collection of small parcels or a massive hangar door, we manufacture the highest quality materials to make sure you can get the job done easily and conveniently. In our online shop, you’ll find trolleys, carts, roll cages, moving blankets, industrial wheels, castors wheel, and so much more. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the size you’re looking for, we can manufacture custom parts or products for you too. After more than 6 decades in the business, we know all the industries we supply well, and we know the techniques needed to make the supplies. Whatever your circumstances, you’re in the right place.

Hanging sliding doors roller provide a quick and efficient way to keep operations moving, especially if your industry relies on transporting goods frequently or working between various buildings in a single complex. They’re usually the quickest way to move massive and otherwise immovable objects; that’s why your garage is so invaluable when you need to clear your driveway. Now, think of how inconvenient things become if your hanging door were stuck or broken. If you can’t move the door, business is suddenly much slower. You might not even be able to continue daily operations if you can’t open the doors. If you’re a homeowner, your home now feels incomplete, somehow. You now have a door that doesn’t move right, which you’d be mortified to let your judgy neighbours see. That’s why, to keep things running smoothly, you want a top-quality sliding door roller.

Find a Roller Door Track of Any Commercial Size or Design

To make things as convenient as possible for you, we’ve divided our online shop’s door roller section into various sizes. Each size applies to a different common door width. That way, you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong size part. You don’t even have to worry about wasting a few minutes chasing down the right-sized part that you need. The biggest annoyance of replacing or sourcing parts is often the unnecessary guesswork involved, and we’ve made sure that you don’t have to do any of that.

We carry a variety of sliding door rollers suitable for your garage door, factory doors, commercial doors, and even truck doors. These rollers also account for loading zone space requirements, so they’re never in the way when you need large vehicles to pass through. Each item is also helpfully listed with its maximum weight capacity and its maximum distance from other necessary rollers. That way, you can make sure not only that you’re buying the right capacity roller but also that you’re hanging them up correctly.

Enquiries on Sliding Door Roller are Welcome

If you have any concerns or questions about our roller door track or sliding door roller, we’re happy to help. If you’d like to see us in person, you’re welcome in any of our showrooms. We have one in each state, and one in Auckland.

You can find our addresses, numbers, and emails under “Contact Us.”
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