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As the world moves toward a more sustainable future, we know that accurately sorting and disposing of our rubbish has never been so important. That’s why our foot-pedal bins are available with four different lid colours. Colour-coding your rubbish bins will help to prevent cross-contamination and will maximise the amount of waste that can be recycled or upcycled. Our bin lids are available in yellow, green, red or green colours. You may choose to use red for general rubbish, green for green waste and compostable scraps, blue for recycling paper and cardboard, and yellow for cans and bottles, or simply create your own system.

Why Choose Richmond Colour-Coded Bins?

  • Hands-free operation by pressing down the foot pedal
  • Reduce interaction with harmful bacteria – never touch the lid again!
  • Heavy-duty HDPE construction
  • Available in 30L, 50L, 80L or 100L volumes
  • Build your own color-coded waste sorting solution
  • Available with red, blue, yellow or green lids

Here at Richmond, we know quality. We’ve been manufacturing rolling solutions for over 60 years, and we’ve been plastic storage experts for decades. With over 8000 products in our range and branches right across Australia, we’ve always got you covered. Call our team on 1300 474 246, or visit us today.

Step Bins Made to the Highest Standard in Australia

Welcome to Richmond Wheel and Castor Co., where the only products you’ll see for sale have been rigorously vetted for quality and precision. You wouldn’t be the first person to think “well, it’s just a step bin. How important can quality really be?” And sure, it’s a simple enough thing to have. As long as it can hold rubbish, what else matters? Well, have you ever tried to use a pedal bin that doesn’t work? Have you ever then had to dig your fingers under the lid to lift it and felt something sticky or slimy there? Have you ever had one bin in your home, office, or workspace that does absolutely nothing to contain the stench of the rubbish inside? If you haven’t, count yourself lucky! It’s enough to drive a person insane after just a couple of weeks.

That’s why every part or product we design and manufacture is held to the highest standard, no matter how simple it is. That’s been our policy ever since we first opened back in 1958 and we’ve survived and thrived for over 60 years by sticking to it. We don’t just manufacture high-quality pedal bins; we at Richmond design manufacture trolleys, service carts, roll cages, bearings, sleeves, and of course, our famous wheels and castors. If you need something moved safely and efficiently, we’ve designed something to help you get the job done. That applies to manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, landscaping, office work, and housework, including moving. Whether it’s attaching castors to heavy objects or protecting your washer while you’re moving to a new home, we have you covered.

Step Pedal Bins Ideal for Sustainability, Hygiene, and Convenience

Whether you’re cooking in your kitchen, serving customers at a bar, or controlling production at a manufacturing plant, you’ll want sanitary conditions to be the norm. You don’t want to have to wash your hands every single time you throw something away; not only is it inconvenient and inefficient, but that’s a good way to eventually have no hands to work with. So, we design our pedal bins with that in mind.

These step pedal bins work the same as any other step bin. We’ve placed a highly visible pedal right in the middle of the base of the bin; simply push it down with your foot, and the lid lifts. There’s no need to touch the bin with your hands at all. If you work in hospitality or with lots of chemicals and need to keep your hands clean, that’s especially useful for saving time.

We manufacture our bins out of high-density thermoplastic to keep them light and easy to move. When needed. That HDPE also makes the bins easier to clean and resistant to hotter materials being disposed of. After several uses, if you need to clean the inside of the bin, it’s a simple job of just wiping it down, no time wasted. We also make sure our bins perfectly seal in any odour to avoid being a nuisance, especially in commercial spaces. The last thing a restaurant kitchen needs is to smell like the dumpster outside!

We also offer step bins with lids in green, red, yellow, and blue. So, if your workplace sorts its rubbish for various kinds of recycling, these lids make the job incredibly easy. There won’t be any mix-ups or confusion about what goes where; every colour can stand for a different kind of rubbish, making cleanup easy at the end of the workday.

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