Searching for Pipe Inserts? We’ve got a Vast Stock Available

Pipe end knock ins are an essential piece of kit, and they can slow down a job if you haven’t got any to hand. That’s why many of our customers are buying supplies to make sure the essential spec of pipe knock ins is always available to them, stored in quantities to meet any peaks in demand. If you haven’t already done so, we would recommend you download our TUBE ENDS SPECS sheet. It covers both square and round threaded tube ends and it’s useful to have on your phone or tablet so you can quickly assess what’s required for any particular job. Available in mild steel or stainless steel, all components supplied by Richmond Wheel & Castor Co are subject to quality certification in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation. We don’t do things in half measure; you get total quality in all products we supply.

When Frank Winslow set up a storage and processing centre on Cremorne Street in Richmond, he could not have imagined the vast range and diversity of products that the company handles today. Starting with the production and storage of beams, columns and lintels for the construction industry, the company now specialises as one of Australia’s finest manufacturers and retailers of castor wheels, rollers, conveyors, trolleys, hand trucks, tough storage boxes, gate motors, gate hardware, pallet jacks, fork stackers, lift tables, load skates, electric tugs, skates, dollies, wheelbarrows, ladders, shelving and many other, smaller items including the pipe end inserts you are looking for today.

Our Pipe End Inserts Comes With Amazing Customer Service

Today, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co have multiple branches across Australia and New Zealand. We are widely recognised as the number one company for designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial wheels, rollers, castors and all kinds of materials handling equipment. The executive team of have come to recognise over the years that there are only a few key factors that have kept the company at the forefront in this niche market. The first has been the quality of the merchandise manufactured and also the extended range of equipment imported and supplied. The next has been to provide work opportunities for local people and to build skills in-house, thereby creating a valuable team of experienced and knowledgeable people. The final element has been a focus on customer service. Going the extra mile for our customers, making sure they get the quality they need, quickly and at the right price.

We’re More Than Retailers of Pipe Inserts

If you are simply looking for pipe end knock ins or caps then go to our Tube End Knock Ins page and get your order underway. We’re fast and inexpensive. Don’t forget to download the spec sheets above for the threaded knock ins.

Where items are required in large quantities or to re-stock, we run a quote system. For this service, please use our Product Enquiry Form One of our team will get back to you with prices or answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, call and speak to one of our support team on 1300 474 246. We’re waiting to help.
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