ATV Tyres, Trailer Wheels & More When it comes to choosing tyres, there are so many factors you need to take into account. You need to consider what type of vehicle they will be used for and what type of surface they’ll be used on. For instance, golf buggy wheels will be vastly different to standard trailer wheels, which themselves will differ greatly from garden lawn mower wheels. You need the right advice to ensure that you’re matching ATV tyres with ATV wheels, boat trailer tyres with boat trailer wheels, and so on.

Richmond is one of Australia’s premier suppliers of trailer wheels and tyres, making it easy to find precisely what you need. Product Description As you’ll notice, the amount of tread on each of these trailer tyres varies according to its primary purpose. The smooth tyres are best suited to ride-on lawnmowers, as they don’t need the traction that boat trailer wheels might require. Ranging from smooth to aggressive, the tyre tread pattern will largely determine which tyre is best suited to your needs. Wheel diameters range from 279 to 660mm, while load capacities vary between 105 and 1050 kg.

With such a wide range to choose from, the friendly sales team at Richmond is here to help you out. When Safety Matters, Contact Richmond for Your ATV Wheels Richmond specialises in supplying a wide variety of tyres for an equally wide variety of applications, so you can trust that we’ll help you match the right tyres and wheels to your particular needs. Whether you’re looking for trailer tyres to take on the highway or golf buggy wheels that will safely get you from A to B on the green, Richmond is sure to have what you need. Place your order today for fast and affordable delivery right across Australia.

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