Over the years, our knowledgeable professionals have designed numerous lifters that adhere to the most stringent industry and quality-control standards. That is why we are successful in supplying an entire range of hydraulic scissor lift tables that are stable, sturdy, and more durable than other brands available on the market.

Visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin to discover our range in person.

Scissor Lifts

Richmond scissor lifts are essentially four-wheel hand trolleys featuring a platform that can be raised and lowered using a hydraulically powered scissor mechanism. Designed to move heavy goods to a comfortable working height, they are extremely useful in all kinds of warehouses, workshops and despatch departments.

Lifts are fitted with lockable castors to ensure stability and are operated using a foot-controlled hydraulic pump for smooth lifting and lowering. The speed of this lifting and lowering can be easily adjusted thanks to a hand-operated control valve.

Our lifting tables are engineered to facilitate smooth operation, easy manoeuvrability, effortless work positioning, and completely reliable lifting time after time. Impressively durable, they are sure to be a loyal and long-serving addition to your workspace.

Richmond offers these lifters in a wide range of table sizes and heights to meet your needs, including tables capable of carrying loads up to 500kg. Click on any of the products on this page for more details so you can discover the right table for your requirements.

The Benefits

Whether you need to raise heavy items onto your working surface or load and unload a truck, lift tables offer a simple solution. An indispensable piece of equipment for the industrial sector, they can benefit your workplace in many ways, including:

  • Safer lifting and shifting of heavy loads
  • Reducing the fatigue of your workers
  • Increasing efficiency of operations, leading to better productivity and higher profits
  • Lowering the chance of worker injury by eliminating the hazards associated with manual lifting of heavy items
  • Cost-effectiveness due to the low maintenance of the equipment, together with the reduction/elimination of downtime associated with injury

Of course, the usage of any heavy industrial equipment comes with inherent risks, so it’s important to choose the right equipment for your needs, train your staff on its usage, and only shop with a reputable manufacturer such as Richmond. By doing this, you can help prevent workplace accidents, minimise downtime, and ensure that your equipment performs efficiently for as long as possible.

Electric Lift Tables for Working Professionals, Courtesy of Richmond

When you’re looking for equipment that’s designed for your industry and others like it, you’ll want to find a manufacturer who understands the nuances of your daily work. At the same time, you would want your chosen manufacturer to understand and manufacture for a massive variety of industries. After all, that sort of versatility ensures you’re working with a supplier who has tested, improved, and adjusted where necessary. That’s especially true for heavy lifting and electric equipment like lift tables, which you don’t want to have to search and pay for more than once every decade or so. In the fields that tend to rely on electric lift tables, people don’t search for equipment often. Professionals have their trusty equipment that’s served them for years and still works like new. As far as we at Richmond wheels and castors are concerned, every manufacturer should aim to make “trusty old tool” quality products, and we don’t stock anything that doesn’t meet that standard.

As for what we do stock, you’ll find a massive selection of parts designed to facilitate moving materials and products. That includes large pieces like trolleys, carts, bins, wheelbarrows, and tough storage boxes, perfect for carrying plenty of smaller items or bigger cumbersome ones. We also stock machine parts designed to keep the machinery moving smoothly and damage-free, such as sleeves, bearings, gate rollers, and top hats. And if you’re transporting lots of furniture or whiteware, we have removal blankets to keep those items safe during transit. We’re a proudly Australian company, and we work to facilitate the lives of as many Australian professionals as possible.

Manual and Battery Powered Lift Tables Models Available at Various Weight Capacities

Physical labour jobs are not all the same, so the equipment needs aren’t going to be one-size-fits-all. Your ideal lift table in construction won’t be the same as in warehousing, and buying one intended for the other might be overly expensive, inefficient, or even hazardous. That’s why we manufacture several different models with varying weight capacities.

Our smaller lift table models are mostly single-scissor designs, and they’re mostly manually operated. These can handle loads of up to 500kgs safely, allowing you to move plenty of materials or products at the same time. The lift table itself is highly manoeuvrable; we’ve equipped it with our top-quality castors, which are some of the most trusted in Australia.

We also sell several battery-powered electric models, which are more on the larger side. Our largest model can handle up to 4000kg without issue. We also don’t have to sacrifice safety to reach peak efficiency; we’ve installed safety bars on our larger lift tables to allow you to stop them immediately if necessary. These models also boast a solid battery life, with over 100 lift cycles between charges.

Why Choose Richmond?

Richmond has been supplying materials handling equipment for the last 50 years – and we are showing no signs of slowing down. A family-owned Australian company with a proud reputation for supplying high-quality equipment, we specialise in the design and manufacture of wheel and castor products that showcase our commitment to improvement and innovation.

Our business has grown over the years to include a range of handling equipment, including pallet trucks and trolleys, stackers, conveyors, and lift tables. Our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth all stock a huge range of the very best in materials handling equipment. Our stores are open 8am to 5pm (Monday-Thursday) and 8am to 4.30pm on Fridays.

For more information on any of our products, please feel free to contact us by calling 1300 474 246, emailing [email protected], or by getting in touch with your local store. Our friendly team is always happy to assist with any enquiries you may have.
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