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Gone are the days when waste was kept in metal bins that were prone to corrosion, heavy to lift and noisy when moved around. Now they’re replaced by bins made from polyethylene that, apart from being the only style acceptable to local councils and most waste companies, have many advantages:
They’re lightweight when empty and, being fitted with two or four plastic wheels, are much easier to move around than the old style of bins. They’re also much quieter in use due to their free-running wheels and a reduction in lifting and dropping.

The Wheelie Bins Best for the Job

Although made from lightweight polyethylene, our bins are very durable and will withstand the hard knocks associated with waste storage and removal. They will cope with heavy loads without splitting or bending and can be used in harsh environments with no decomposition of the material.
Plastic does have an increasingly poor reputation due to environmental concerns and our bins are made from polyethylene that is virtually indestructible. However, their long life is a benefit to the environment since it means they will need to be replaced only very rarely. And when they do, they’re fully recyclable because the thermoplastic material can be melted down and re-used, even to make new wheelie bins.

All bins are extremely easy to clean, either using standard household detergents or, if you wish to avoid using chemicals, lemon juice and vinegar will keep them smelling fresh. They are, therefore, ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals and similar premises where good hygiene is essential.

They’re available in a wide range of colours that are UV resistant and so won’t fade. As a result, the bins will continue to look good, as well as work effectively, for many years of continuous use.

Wheelie Bins That Have Been Tried and Tested

Unlike some cheap foreign imports that are made from inferior materials, our bins are strong, very durable and will give many years of dependable service. They are much thicker than certain flimsy products and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our high standards.

With our wide range of sizes, colours and styles, you can choose the perfect bins for all types of locations and purposes. The different colours enable properly segregated waste storage so you can keep various recyclable materials separate from combustibles, hazardous items and landfill waste.

Although waste disposal may not be glamorous, it is essential that it’s done properly. And our wide range of quality bins means you can do it neatly, safely and in a hygienic and environmentally friendly manner.

If you are interested in buying a wheelie bin for your business and might need other equipment, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. has products including hand trucks, pallet jacks, fork stacker and more! Contact us today.

Wheelie Bins (also known as Mobile Garbage Bins) are an essential tool for waste management. And Richmond’s huge range of wheelie bins are everything that you’ve come to expect from our products – they’re high quality, ultra tough, and can withstand even the most severe conditions.

There are so many reasons why you should choose a wheelie bin from Richmond. Let’s start with our massive range of sizes! Whether you’re looking for 80L Wheelie Bins, 240L Wheelie Bins, 660L Wheelie Bins, or even 1100L Wheelie Bins, we’ve got you covered.

We have two wheel rubbish bins and four wheel rubbish bins, plus we’ve got them in every colour you could imagine! Whether you’re looking for blue wheelie bins, yellow wheelie bins, red wheelie bins, green wheelie bins or even black wheelie bins, we’ve got it.

Our mobile garbage bins are made from UV-Stabilised HDPE, which means that they won’t become brittle under the harsh Australian sun. The smooth interior is so simple to clean, plus our wheelie bins have large-diameter handles for ease of use. Our wheelie bins also have a galvanised axle and solid rubber wheels, making moving and transportation so simple and reliable.

And that’s not even the best part. Every single one of our wheelie bins come with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, for extra peace of mind.

If you’d like to view our vast range of wheelie bins, visit our showrooms! We have wheelie bins in Melbourne, Sydney (Caringbah and Wetherill Park), Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. We also sell a wide range of plastic storage solutions. When it comes to plastic bins, we’re experts.

Have a question about our range, or would like a quote? Email [email protected], call 1300 246 474 or visit one of our showrooms.
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