Plastic Pails and Buckets

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  • White Plastic Pail (BPR002WHT) (1L)

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  • 2L Pail (BPR005)

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  • 5L Pail (BPR004)

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  • 10L Pail (BPR006)

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  • 15L Pail (BPR008)

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  • Lid to Suit 5L Pail (BPR003)

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  • Lid to Suit 10L Pail (BPR005)

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  • Lid to Suit 15L Pail (BPR007)

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  • 20L White Plastic Pail (BPR009WHT)

    White Plastic Pail (BPR009WHT) (20L)

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  • 20L Black Super Bucket (BPR005BLK )

    Black Super Bucket (BPR005BLK) (20L)

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  • Red Spout Bucket (9.6L)

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  • Blue Spout Bucket (9.6L)

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  • Green Spout Bucket (9.6L)

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  • Green Heavy Duty Bucket (13L)

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  • Black Heavy Duty Bucket (13L)

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  • Blue Heavy Duty Bucket (13L)

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Showing 1–16 of 19 results

Plastic Buckets

For most businesses, storage is a precious commodity that requires careful organisation and investment in appropriate food grade pails equipment. For catering, food hospitality or food production companies, the issues around storage only increase. Kitchen managers, chefs or food processing professional all understand that storage must be married with space efficiency and hygiene practices or there is a real risk to public health. Read More

As a company, we have offered our products, including food-grade plastic buckets, to a wide range of food providers, catering professionals and restaurants for decades. We are leaders in the field of storage solutions and have applied our deep understanding of food and liquid storage to create plastic pails that are fit for a large array of purposes and applications.

Plastic Bucket with Lid: Versatile Storage for Every Occasion

Part of what makes our products so popular with companies from every industry is that we know how important durability is. It is part of what makes our food-grade buckets & plastic bucket with lids useful in such a broad scope of applications, whether it is for prepared liquids, wet products that need refrigerated storage like fish or meat, or even frozen products that need thawing.

We’ve also endeavoured to make them in different sizes for different applications and made them easy to handle and transport. The long and short of it is – if you can think of something for which you need a plastic bucket with a lid, we’ve got you covered! Our main products in this range include:

Food Grade White Plastic Pails

These are some of the most popular catering buckets we stock online and are all made with food-grade polypropylene, developed specifically for hygiene and with sealable lids to keep the contents fresh. They are designed for repeated use, easy to clean and reuse for other products.

They also come in several different sizes that range from:

  • 1 Litre (120mm height by 134mm diameter at top)
  • 2 Litre (146mm height by 165mm diameter at top)
  • 5 Litre (215mm height by 186mm diameter at top)
  • 10 Litre (240mm height by 282mm diameter at top)
  • 15 Litre (291mm height by 309mm diameter at top)

Square Spacemaster Plastic Pail

One of our most versatile food-grade pails, the Spacemaster is, as the name suggests, an excellent storage solution for those with limited space. Like the products above, it is made food grade approved materials, and its shape means it makes full use of every inch it takes up and has a huge storage capacity – up to 20 Litres!

Plastic Pails: Black Super Bucket

These buckets are good solid buckets that will find use in every workplace. Not only have they been used in catering and food production but can also be used for cleaning products or industrial chemicals or pollutants. These also can contain up to 20 Litres!

Food Grade Buckets: Order Your Bucket Today!

This has only been a snippet of what is available from our full catalogue so please continue to browse and use our search function see look at our products. Make full use of our instant messaging service if you need to, or even give us a call if you are looking for something specific – we’re always keen to lend a hand.

Other products we offer are wheelie bins, cleaning carts, luggage trolley and more.

Or, if you’ve seen what you are after, just add it to your cart and your shopping basket will be automatically created as you browse. When you’re sure you’ve got everything that you need, keep an eye out for discounts and apply them before you checkout, then we’ll get to work sending out your buckets!
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