• 1200kg AC Automatic Sliding Gate Kit (GTR156)

    $621.33 inc GST
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  • DIY Double Swing Gate Automation kit (GTR058)

    $1,626.63 inc GST
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  • Single Arm Automatic Swing Gate Kit (GTR099)

    $958.84 inc GST
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  • 3 Tier 790×500 Service Trolley (STR320)

    $253.00 inc GST
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  • Extra Long 1800mm Pallet Jack (PJR013)

    $1,277.65 inc GST
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  • Standard Pallet Jack (PJR001)

    $596.62 inc GST
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  • 1/2″ Stainless Steel Flat Washer – 8 Pack (FLW500SPK8)

    $8.86 inc GST
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  • 1/2″ Zinc Plated Flat Washer – 8 Pack (FLW500ZPK8)

    $3.80 inc GST
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  • 1300mm Dual Purpose Pneumatic Hand Trolley (DPR020)

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  • 1300mm Dual Purpose Puncture Proof Hand Trolley (DPR021)

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  • 1500mm Dual Purpose Pneumatic Hand Trolley (DPR022)

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  • 1500mm Dual Purpose Puncture Proof Hand Trolley (DPR023)

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Industrial & Material Handling Equipment New Zealand

Are you searching for the right industrial equipment to make your warehouse functional? Is your kitchen in need of proper storage facilities? Is that old ladder looking a little ropey and unsafe? If the answer is yes, then look no further.
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Richmond NZ: Your One Stop Shop for Industrial Equipment

If you are looking for high-quality industrial equipment, then you’ve come to the right place. Founded in 1958, Richmond Wheel and Castor Co remain the premier, family-run designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial handling equipment. We have warehouses and stores located in New Zealand and Australia and we’re pleased to offer some of the highest quality equipment delivered straight to your premises.

We’ve always believed that if you want to sell something you should make sure it is fit for purpose and safe to use. That’s why we have a strict 12-month warranty on our products. We take pride in our build quality so that you can be sure that they are fit for your purposes.

Here are some of the items we stock:


We offer wheels for a variety of different requirements. Our wheels range from many different materials and different shapes and sizes, in sets or as replacements. As with all our products, we insist on durable quality. Examples of wheel type we offer include:

  • Solid wheels
  • Cast Iron wheels for heat resistance
  • Solid Pneumatic wheels
  • Spheroidal Graphite Iron Wheels


Our castor wheels are our pride and joy and we’re pleased to offer them for a huge array of purposes. For every surface you can think of we have a range of castors, whether they’re for carpet, concrete or tiling, we have the right type. We make all them in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your needs including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Rubber
  • Zinc
  • Chrome
  • Polyurethane


You’ll find ladders of all shapes and sizes on our site, from the step stool to extendables which are ideal for those times when you need to work at height. All have been made with the greatest attention to safety standards and durability while retaining a lightweight design for easy movability. We have a great range of ladders in stock, and if you don’t find the one you need, we’ll be happy to see if we can get it for you if you give us a call. Ladder types we stock include:

  • Step stools
  • Step ladders
  • Double-sided
  • Platform ladders
  • Multi-purpose extendable

Plastic Storage

It’s not just basics like ladders and wheels we offer either. We also have a section on our site for essential containment solutions. Our plastic containers are made from high-quality materials using many different moulds to suit many different needs. Amongst our plastic containers you’ll find:

  • Bins
  • Parts trays
  • Megabins
  • Pails and Buckets
  • Stackable Crates
  • Lug Boxes
  • Plastic Trays

Storage Boxes

We also know the value and importance of having robust storage facilities. Whether you’re looking to store sensitive paper files or you need strong crates for your perishables, we have got the storage box for you. These are just a few of the box or crate types we offer:

  • Stacking boxes
  • Storage buckets
  • Produce crates (great for bread, chicken, fish or dairy products)
  • Security crates
  • Tote Boxes


Given our fantastic range of parts and components, it should come as no surprise that we also offer a broad variety of trolleys and handtrucks. For every job you can think of, whether it’s moving cardboard boxes or moving a grand piano, we’ve got exactly the right trolley for your purposes. All have been made with the utmost care and ingenuity so you can be sure it will get the job done with the minimum of fuss. Trolleys we stock include:

  • Folding hand trolleys
  • Mighty Tough general purpose hand trolleys
  • Platform trolleys
  • Service trolleys
  • Service carts
  • Stair climbing trolleys
  • Stainless steel trolleys
  • Easy tilt
  • P-Handle truck trolleys
  • Puncture Proof Wheel trolleys

Pallet Jacks

Our range also extends to pallet jacks. These are such important pieces of equipment for many businesses, especially when loading and unloading bulk items, although they are often taken for granted and undergo a lot of punishment. Our pallet jacks are built to take whatever is put on them and still move effortlessly. Pallet trucks we offer include:

  • Galvanised pallet truck
  • Low-profile pallet truck
  • Battery-powered electric pallet truck
  • Manual hydraulic pallet jack
  • Standard pallet jack
  • Lift tables
  • Manual hydraulic lifting equipment

Order from Us Today!

We’re sure you’ll be happy with the range of products you’ll find on our website. But even if you can’t find precisely what you are looking for, We will do what we can do to find a solution for your requirement within a timely manner. We’re always on hand, on the phone or online, to guide you with expert advice towards any handling equipment or storage items you could require.

You’ll be pleased to note we offer custom designs on many products; plus, we can service and maintain your items too. If your item is too bulky to send to us, we can come to your location to carry out the service.

We’re always happy to make new friends and acquaintances. Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on any handling equipment you might need, and we’ll also keep updated on what we can supply. We’d also urge you to take a look at our free downloadable catalogues. In them, you will find a huge variety of information on our products and just a glimpse into some of the projects we’ve helped with, including sports displays, traction drive systems and deep-sea drilling support systems. Time and time again we’ve collaborated with some of the most demanding situations and delivered!

Otherwise, you can place your order online right now or give us a call or email for something specific. So get started with your order and whatever you need will be with you in no time.
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