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Thousands of companies trust Richmond to supply them with plastic crates for a wide range of purposes. From food production and processing to school and libraries to government facilities, Richmond plastic crates play a role in the everyday operations of many business and organisations.

Over our six decades of business, we have built a solid reputation for delivering plastic crates of the highest quality; products that aid efficiency and ensure safety and that are built and manufactured right here in Australia.

Why Buy Plastic Crates From Us?

There are lots of reasons why so many companies consider Richmond their number one preferred supplier when they need to buy plastic crates:

Large range of sizes

When it comes to commercial plastic crates, we offer one of the largest ranges of sizes. Our 13.5L crates are a multi-purpose crate, popular for a wide range of applications, measuring 430 x 323 x 127mm and weighing only 620g. Our next size up are our 22 and 22.7 Litre nesting crates, weighing only 765g yet providing the strength and depth to provide apt storage for food ingredients, nooks and many other items.

Our largest sized crates run at 32L, 45L and 65L in depth with our stackable crates running up to 71Litres in depth.

Food-grade quality storage available

Crates that are intended to be used for storing food or food ingredients, even if only for a temporary basis, need to be made from food grade materials. Thankfully, Richmond offer a great range of food grade buckets, running in sizes from 13.5L right up to 65Litres.

Butchers, seafood and poultry merchants can rely on our food-grade quality crates throughout their stores and facilities for storing and preparing ingredients.

Incredible strength and durability

Any of our customers will attest to the fact that our plastic crates are virtually indestructible and it’s among one of the key reasons why they are so popular. Our crates are built to last for many, many years, proving an investment that keeps on repaying itself time and time again.

Browse our full catalogue online

It’s ever so easy to buy plastic produce crates from Richmond. You can browse our full catalogue of plastic crates online and easily add them to an enquiry to receive a competitive quote, no matter the quantity.

You can also purchase lids for each of our plastic crates, should you wish to use them as storage boxes or ensure safe transit of goods.

Plastic Crates….And Lots, Lots More

Not only do we offer the best range of plastic crates to buy online but they are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the extensive product range we have to offer. From plastic pallets and wheelie bins to lift tables and pallet racks, gate equipment to conveyors, tyres and tubes to bearings and sleeves and lots more, Richmond offers a complete one-stop shop for wheels, castors and materials handling equipment.

Browse our complete range of products online today via our website!
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