Polyurethane offers superior features compared to traditional materials such as rubber, metal and plastic, allowing our team to create cost-effective parts and products for nearly any application imaginable.

With superior flexibility, durability and performance, our custom Polyurethane Castings, Mouldings Parts and Production solutions can solve the most challenging problems for your business

How a major infrastructure project benefited from our polyurethane solutions

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. was awarded a large contract to manufacture and supply several hundred high load capacity wheel assemblies for a new vessel fabrication facility for the Federal Government.

During this process an idea emerged to custom fit our crane rail travelling wheel assemblies with a solution to clear the rail tracks of any tools and debris, which may have been accidently left on sections of the crane rail and pose a risk of causing damage to the crane rails or affect the accuracy of the fabricated wagons carrying section of vessels down a robotic welding line.

Within days we designed a bolt on replaceable solution around an existing rectangular mould.

The cast polyurethane component only needed several seconds of finish machining to create a slot, a tapered leading section to best clear debris to the side and a hole for a spring to ensure the wiper always remained in light constant contact with the crane rail, even after some small wear should this occur.

The versatility of polyurethane means solutions like this can be rapidly brought to life within days, often with a zero tooling cost!

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