Shelf Trolleys Expertly Made and Perfected Over the Decades

Richmond is exactly that company. When you buy shelf trolleys from us, it won’t be you looking to eventually buy a replacement; it’ll be your kids, because we build our equipment for durability and longevity. We’ve been making our affectionately named “bits of junk” for over 60 years. By now, you can be sure we’ve perfected the recipe and the method. It’s our dedication to getting it right that allowed us to expand. That’s why you can come to us for all your materials handling equipment needs in every state in the country, plus Auckland. We’re proud to say we’ve become a go-to name for these products.

Shelf Trolleys for Every Industry

We manufacture various models of carts, roll cages, and trolleys to suit the needs of different professionals in different industries. We know your needs will vary according to the details and requirements of your job. Are you transporting fragile or cumbersome items? Are you working with and moving around many fluids or chemicals? Are the items you’re carrying particularly heavy or hazardous? We consider these when we design and outfit our models, making sure there’s something for every work environment.

Are you opening or outfitting a restaurant? You’ll want to make sure you have a trolley that’s perfect for carrying around plenty of food or ingredients. We suggest our stainless-steel trolley for the job. It’s made with Grade 304, which is particularly corrosion resistant to weather the acidity of various foods. Plus, the stainless steel ensures that rust will never be an issue.

If you’re working in a warehouse, mail office, or supermarket, on the other hand, you’ll want something suitable for items of varying shapes, weights, and sizes. For that sort of job, we manufacture our stock carts with mesh tops. These baskets allow you to carry unconventionally shaped parcels or products without having them roll off or damage each other. Meanwhile, the bottom shelf is great for transporting the larger, heavier stuff. We can also include a clipboard or tablet holder to affix to the cart, so you can track your stock placements or warehousing inventory without slowing down.

We don’t just understand what we can do; we also understand what you need from us.

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