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At Richmond Wheels and Castors, we aim to provide you with the right products to be able to move and handle your goods.

A stainless steel trolley will allow you to easily move equipment from one place to another, and can also offer a hygienic solution, making it ideal for medical purposes, food processing, laboratory use, plus many more.

At Richmond Wheels and Castors, we are proud to provide you with stainless steel trolleys that will stand the test of time and are built to our stringent standards.

What stainless steel trolleys are available?

When you are looking for a stainless steel hand trolley, it is good to know that you have many options available to you, allowing you to make the right choice to make your job as easy as possible. With options such as 2 tier, 3 tier and platform trolleys available, all which come in a range of sizes, you will be spoiled for choice.

Our 2 tier trolleys can either be purchased in the size of 750x400mm or 950x500mm. They are also available in 304-grade stainless steel or the more economical 201 stainless steel. They can easily be cleaned and sterilised, making them suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

At Richmond Wheels and Castors, our 3 tier trolleys can give you that extra amount of storage space and come in two sizes: 750x400mm or 950x500mm. Like the 2 tier models, we also have different grades of stainless steel available, allowing you to have an economical choice if it is necessary, although it does not have the same amount of corrosion resistance. Should you need a different grade of stainless steel, we can also source 316 and 430 on request.

Our platform trolleys are 820×515 or 850×545 and come with the option of different grades of stainless steel. They are fully stainless steel, meaning that can be cleaned and sterilised. They also have a load capacity of up to 180kg, depending on the model you choose. They are ideal for use in washdown, medical and food environments.

No matter which trolley you pick, you can be rest assured that they all built with noise reduction technology to lower the sound and vibration, giving you a more pleasant user experience. Furthermore, all our hand trolleys are durable and can withstand a lot of use.

Richmond Wheels and Castors: your first choice for stainless steel trolleys

Should you require any assistance in choosing the right stainless steel trolley for your needs, our expert staff are on hand to help. With over 60 years in the industry, we can provide you with the right support and guidance.

We are also proud to be a family-run company and we are currently being managed by our 3rd generation. As a family-run company, we are extremely passionate about what we do and ensuring our products from our cage trolleys to our stair climbing trolley meet the high standards you would expect.

Get your stainless steel trolleys from us today and look forward to making your job that little bit easier with a trolley that you can rely on.

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