You Can Rely on the Quality of Our Stock Trolleys

That’s why we have a range of Australian manufactured stock moving equipment to keep your workplace moving and workers as safe as they can be. Needing more that a stock moving trolley? Consider our range of products including: industrial handtrucks, pallet jacks, fork stackers, lift tables and more! Can’t find what you need? Please give us a call and we would love to help with your product enquries.

We’re committed to producing the perfect stock trolley for your business. For over 60 years, we’ve worked with companies that rely on industrial-grade stock trolleys, so we know how important it is to employ strong, usable materials in their production. We understand and draw from the challenges and stress a piece of equipment can face which is why we’re leaders in the field of industrial handling.

Styles of Industrial Stock Trolley

Every industrial sector has its specific challenges when it comes to moving stock. You may need a particular deck or shelf sizes, the ability to secure your load or have a particular type of surface to travel over. Above all, you need to have a trolley or handtruck that can undertake severe punishment.

Here are just a few types of trolley in our product range that we offer, and how they can help you in your industrial stock mobility:

  • Six-Wheeled Platform Trolley – These are especially useful in tight spaces and aisles and are made with tough steel and very high load capacities.
  • Brake Pedal Trolley – Sometimes we have stock that can carry the momentum of the trolley along and are potentially dangerous. Our brake pedal trolleys allow the loader to control the momentum without causing disruption.
  • Stock Picker Trolley – These are ergonomically designed for ease of movement and to work in a wide array of environments. Some have two or three tiers and some which utilise mesh to keep your items secure.
  • Cage Trolley – Pick from 2-4 sided roll cage trolleys to keep lighter weight or small items in vast quantities without them spilling out on the warehouse floor. They come with a huge range of accessories and A, H or Z structures.
  • Plasterboard / Timber Trolley – An excellent choice for the construction industry professional or anyone looking to move unwieldy boards with the use of heavy machinery. They’ll hold materials up to a maximum of 1200 mm and fitted with high-quality castors and reduce the strain of carrying inconvenient boards and flat objects.

This is by no means the entire list of trolleys available that can be used in an industrial setting so get in touch if you aren’t sure about your needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Stock Trolly

There are no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to stock moving trolleyss, so it is worth taking the time to understand your needs. Do you need a trolley that can double as a moveable inventory workbench or one that just needs to move big objects from A to B? Is it transporting goods around the warehouse or does it need to be packed into the back of a vehicle?

Order Online or Give us a Call!

We’re always ready to give you a helping hand to find the right trolley. Call us now and we’ll find the right heavy duty stock trolley for you. Our agents have a comprehensive knowledge of our industrial-grade stock trolleys and their best uses.

What’s more, we can offer you a quote on larger orders if you are looking for multiple items. Alternatively, use our simple online ordering system and one of our many warehouses across Australia will get it right out to you!
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