The Preferred Suppliers of Plastic Produce Crates in Australia

If you’re looking for plastic produce crates for sale, there’s one leading supplier you can always rely on; that’s us, Richmond! Businesses in every corner of Australia and New Zealand rely on Richmond to supply them with effective, long-lasting plastic produce crates – and have done so for decades, six decades to be precise!

That’s right, for more than 60 years, we have been the trusted supplier of quality plastic storage box solutions for thousands of businesses. A family run business, we manufacture all of our custom engineered handling products in Australia, using only the best quality materials to ensure you, the customer, the best quality product.

We pride ourselves and have built our reputation on quality and we challenge you to find better quality plastic produce crates for sale anywhere in Australia as competitively priced as ours.

Browse Our Range of Produce Crates For Sale Online

Whether you need effective, space efficient storage solutions for a corner fruit and veg store or work for a multinational horticultural company with extensive safe storage and handling needs, we can provide you with quality plastic produce crates to meet your needs.

Keep produce safe during transit and handle with ease by choosing one of our great produce storage options:

Lug Boxes

Our lug boxes are available in six different colours. Made from food-grade approved high-density polyethylene, these stackable crates are perfect for food and produce storage. An optional lid is sold separately if you wish to lock in the freshness of your produce.

Vented Stack and Nest Crates

Available in two different storage capacities – 27 Litres and 52 Litres – our vented stack and nest crates can be stacked on top of each other or nested inside each other – hence the name! The vented sides provide increased airflow, allowing the content of the crates to remain fresh and cool, making them the ideal produce crates.


Our food grade Megabins are constructed from recyclable 100% HDPE. Designed specifically for transporting produce, they are resistant to moisture, bacteria, mould and disease carrying organisms. Each megabin tends to be up to 40% lighter than wooden bins, which in turn delivers benefits by increasing freight efficiencies by 4-5%. The rounded edges, smooth interior surfaces and exterior pads reduce the risk of your produce incurring bumps, bruises or scratches.

Richmond Specialises in More Than Just Plastic Produce Crates

Produce crates aren’t our only product range – we’ve got hundreds more products for your business. From fork stackers to hand truck trolleys, wheels to roll cages, gate equipment to handtrucks and lots, lots more, Richmond offer a one-stop shop for all your materials handling requirements.

Browse our full product catalogue online today and submit an enquiry for a competitive quote.
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