Powered Single Scissor Lift Table 850X1300 (SLR025)

Product Name Powered Single Scissor Lift Table

Safe Working Load (kg) 2000

Max Height (mm) 1050

Min Height (mm) 230

Lifting Time (sec) 20

Platform Size 850X1300

Base Frame Size (mm) 1220X785


When the weight comes on, these stationary tables are built for the task. Heavy duty fabrication and design, 24V hand control and 3 phase power supply gives Richmond's Table Lifters the grunt for commercial applications. Equipped with multiple safety features the lift tables facilitate handling and lifting up to 4000kg. A great machine for building equipment on and dock lifters, and is perfect for use around machining centres. Each table is fitted with safety stop bars around the bottom of the Tables. If disturbed they stop all table movement. Can also be fitted with safety skirts.

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