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Heavy Industrial Series Castors

This range has a higher load capacity of up to 500kg per castor, and can be commonly seen across logistics, road transport, manufacturing and display and exhibition services. The castors in this range have been designed with strength and durability in mind, and feature 6mm thick steel construction. The Heavy Industrial Series is our largest castor category, with over 200 combinations to choose from. When it comes to heavy-duty castors, you can rely on Richmond to get the job done.

What Wheel Types are the Heavy Industrial Series Castors Available With?

This range is available in a huge range of wheel options. There is an option for every type of floor surface and application.

  • Aluminium
  • Cast Iron
  • Glass Filled Nylon
  • High Temperature Polymer
  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane Tyred Nylon Centred
  • Polyurethane Tyred Aluminium Centred
  • Polyurethane Tyred Cast Iron Centred
  • Rebound Polyurethane
  • Rebound Rubber
  • Rubber

They are available in wheel diameters of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm or 200mm. These heavy duty castors are available in swivel, rigid, swivel with brake, swivel with directional lock, swivel with side brake or swivel with swivel lock and brake combinations. Depending on the wheel type, bearing types include ball bearing, bronze bush, oilless DU bush, plain bore, roller bearing or stainless steel roller bearing.

Looking for Industrial Wheels for Sale in Australia?

There are plenty of industries that manufacture huge pieces of equipment as well as supply large bulk orders of products that when combined create a considerable weight. While the end-user typically only focuses on the effectiveness of the final product in a very basic way, those with industry knowledge or an appreciation of craft will understand the effort and mechanical feats that are required to produce life-changing equipment and make our lives that bit more convenient.

Industrial wheels are a small but essential part of this process, and while they may not necessarily factor directly into the manufacturing process, a lot less would happen quite as efficiently without them.

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Co., we lead the field here in Australia when it comes to the manufacture and supply of the very best castors on the market. Our sixty-plus years of experience in this industry has afforded us information and insights into what is required to make the seemingly impossible possible.

We are a family-owned and run business, currently being led by its third generation, and over the years we have proven our effectiveness at delivering the very best industrial wheels for sale in Australia. Our dedication to quality and extremely high standards of production separates us from our competitors and affords our customers absolute confidence in the ability of our products to exceed expectations and prove incredibly robust and long-lasting.

The Many Applications of Industrial Wheels

Here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co., we have worked with a comprehensive list of different industry professionals, as well as businesses of all sizes. We have experience delivering what is required to major industry and corporations that are well-established, and we also work with small businesses that are recognising the benefits that they can tap into by investing in one of our castor series.

The key issue that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing heavy duty castors for your business is the amount of weight that can safely be supported by the caster. Failure to properly equip your machinery or support equipment with dependable, strong castors puts the health and safety of your employees at increased risk. As such, consulting with our team about the intended use and the weights that need to be moved is essential to determining the most effective solution.

Heavy-duty casters are used across a range of different industries including warehousing, manufacturing plants as well as in the aerospace industry. You might require them to make opening and securing huge doors to your plant or works a task that is easily completed by one or two people, or you might be looking for a means of loading and unloading containers, or to streamline your assembly lines.

No matter what the need, rest assured that there are plenty of solutions here in our online store and in each of our branches that will bolster safety, functionality and efficiency.

A Solution for Every Application

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Co., we have a solution for every application and are readily available to work with you to achieve a customised design and solution that will empower your workforce to become more efficient and best of all, safe in their workplace.

So, if you are looking for heavy-duty casters with brake, or if you are searching for non-marking caster wheels or plastic wheels, then get in touch with our experts and let’s start the process of providing you with the very best outcome and castors that you can trust in and depend on for years to come.

To find out more about our industrial castors and wheels, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 1300 474 246 or submitting an online product enquiry. You can also visit our range in-store at one of our Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin locations. These stores carry a full range of materials-handling equipment, including fixed castors with brake, without brake and with swivel locks.

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