Simpro Multi-Tip Bin Lifter 1.6m (WBL1600)

Take the hard work out of lifting and emptying your wheelie bins

Simpro’s Multi-Tip bin lifter has a massive 150kg load capacity, and a 15 second tipping cycle. It dumps bins at a height of 1.6 metres and can lift all common EN840 wheelie bins, but can also be used to tip other types of bins and waste management containers. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, you can expect quality and reliability from this bin lifter.

Increase worker safety and productivity

This Multi-tip battery electric bin tipper does the heavy lifting for you. The reliable automatic hydraulic design quickly lifts your bin and safely empties its contents into your skip or hopper – eliminating back injury from lifting and emptying bins manually.

These mobile bin lifters are made to go the distance. Manufactured to last these sturdy bin lifters are weather resistant for use indoors and outdoors. They are also light and easy to move, with high quality rebound rubber swivel castors with brakes to secure the bin tipper in place.


Simple and safe operation

  1. Wheel the bin tipper up to the skip/hopper and engage the brake on the castors to keep in place.
  2. Wheel your wheelie bin up to the cradle on the bin lifter.
  3. Press the raise and safety buttons together at the same time to raise and empty the bin.
  4. When your wheelie bin has been emptied, simply press the lower and safety buttons together and the bin will lower back into the cradle.

Takes as little as 15 seconds to empty the bin – it really is that easy!

Click here to download the instruction manual for the Simpro Multi-Tip Bin Tipper.

Buy Wheelie Bins from our Massive Range

We stock a wide range of wheelie bins that can be easily lifted by the Simpro Multi-Tip Bin Lifter including 80L, 120L, 140L, and 240L wheelie bins in a wide range of colour options.

Looking for something a bit heavier duty? Shop the Simpro Dumpmaster with a huge 250kg load capacity to dump bins at a height of 1.8 metres.



Multi Tip User Manual Download

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