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The Premium Swivel Caster Wheel Manufacturer in Australia

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Co., we are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of the very best caster solutions & industrial wheels available in Australia and New Zealand today. Our journey to become the benchmark for quality started over 60 years ago as a family business that is currently managed by its third generation. We recognise the need for highly effective work solutions, particularly where mobility of large or heavy items is required and so we continually seek to develop new products that exceed the exceptional standards that we already deliver.

We can custom design and manufacture the perfect solution no matter what your requirements are. We work with small businesses as well as major global players, so you can trust that we have the capabilities to upscale or focus our processes to craft the very best swivel wheels for your organisation.

How to Choose the Right Metal Swivel Caster Wheels

Any business owner today will put a priority on creating workplace efficiencies, which simultaneously afford their staff members a higher degree of safety and functionality. If you believe that your workplace could benefit from new castors that could reduce accidents from happening and limit the possibility of injuries, then now is the time to take action.

Moving and handling goods requires appropriate support features that are matched to meet the load or weight that must be carried. Failure to properly address this key factor will result in the rolling and gliding action being compromised. As such, choosing larger wheels for heavier loads is typically a good rule of thumb to follow.

The surfaces of each workplace will differ and perhaps your business is one that moves goods into and out of other premises over the working week. In such instances, it is important to invest in swivel caster wheels that are robust enough to endure a variety of different floor types and to pass over any obstructions that may be expected with little effort required.

Differences in room temperatures can sometimes have a bearing on the effectiveness of the castors that you choose, so it is always worth consulting with one of the team here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co before you part ways with your hard-earned cash. We can direct you toward a solution that is ideal for your needs and will afford you immediate functionality benefits.

How Swivel Wheels Positively Affect Productivity

The wheel changed everything centuries ago and while nothing else has had such a profound impact on the way that we move goods and transport them since, that does not mean that enhancements and clever designs cannot bolster their effectiveness. Through collaboration and constructive communication, our team strive to develop excellent metal swivel caster wheels that positively affect productivity for those that they are best suited to.

So, if you are looking for the best quality and highest standards accessible in castor wheels today, look no further than the team right here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co.
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