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Plastic Wheel Castors from Australia’s Number One Supplier

Here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, we are a family-owned and operated Australian manufacturer of the very best castor solutions currently available in the country. The products that we craft are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to increase the functionality of their workplace, as well as for those that want to enhance their safety and efficiency standards.

We deliver high-quality products with no exceptions. Second best is not something that we believe in and so we work tirelessly to continually bolster the standards that we rigorously adhere to and embrace the best of new technology to create the very best value proposition for our customers.

Our reputation is second-to-none in Australia and New Zealand. We are the go-to team for anyone that wants to move and handle goods more effectively and efficiently and our plastic wheel castors are just one example of the extensive line of industrial wheel solutions that we can provide.

The Advantages of Choosing Plastic Wheels

Those that work with heavyweights may hesitate when the time comes to invest in new castors for their equipment. The choice between steel or iron and plastic is one that may make them think twice since the stats attached to plastic seem to imply a greater degree of functionality.

First of all, plastic is a great choice if you operate a factory, plant or property that must have top-quality flooring in place throughout the year. Naturally, your investment in high-end flooring solutions will be the first port of call, but to preserve and ensure that you get the best possible service from them and maintain them in the best shape, then choosing plastic wheels is definitely going to help.

Even if you are not engaged in an industry that requires the movement of heavy-duty goods or industrial parts or equipment, you might require that your castor wheels are silent or as quiet as possible to keep the noise levels down. Plastic works well as a shock absorber and they are a vastly superior option where castors are concerned compared to steel or cast iron, which can rattle.

Plastic is also a good choice for those that are conscious about corrosion. Exposure to a lot of water or perhaps even chemicals could impact the longevity that you get from your castors if you decide on a metal solution.

Finally, compared to rubber, plastic can provide a higher load-bearing capacity and deliver good traction on the surfaces that you will move it over to drive the wheels forward without requiring excessive force.

Delivering Quality Plastic Wheels for 60-Years and Counting

Here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co., we have been delivering quality for six decades and counting. Our extensive list of customers continues to grow because we have the knowledge required to provide specific information and possess the capability to deliver custom-designed and manufactured plastic wheel castors.

So, for ISO9001:2015 compliant products that are built to last and afford you the best possible end-results and functionality, look no further than right here. We look forward to assisting you in enhancing the productivity and efficiency standards in your business.
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