Fork Stackers

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  • 1100mm Mini Winch Fork Stacker (FSR013)

    $1,075.25 inc GST
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  • Univator (UVR001)

    1550mm Battery Powered Univator (UVR001)

    $4,413.75 inc GST
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  • 1700mm Battery Powered Univator (UVR002)

    $2,394.40 inc GST
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  • 1500mm Battery Powered Univator (UVR003)

    $2,719.75 inc GST
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  • Fork Stacker Manual Hydraulic (FSR001)

    1500mm Manual Hydraulic Fork Stacker (FSR001)

    $1,365.05 inc GST
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  • 1500mm High Capacity Manual Hydraulic Fork Stacker (FSR014)

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  • Fork Stacker Battery Electric (FSR004)

    1500mm Battery Electric Fork Stacker (FSR004)

    $3,885.80 inc GST
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Showing all 7 results

Our fork stackers and univators, are specially designed to lift pallets, boxes and crates from the ground to over shoulder height. These electric stackers and manual mini stackers are available with load capacities ranging from 80kgs to 1000kgs, making them a versatile piece of materials handling equipment.


If you’re looking for univators in Auckland or elsewhere in New Zealand, our stackers fit the bill perfectly. Our manual mini stackers are ideal for manual handling applications where you need to reduce or eliminate strain associated with lifting heavy objects. These stackers are also useful when space is limited and high manoeuvrability is required.

Suitable for use in warehouses, construction sites, production manufacturing, and food processing industries, our larger stackers are great for transporting and lifting pallets where a forklift is not necessary for the job or is unavailable. In addition, we also stock winch stackers and hand winches NZ.

All models within our range can be modified to meet your specific requirements. This generally means adapting the forks or platform of the stackers to suit the product/object you are lifting. Browse our range today to find the manual or electric stacker that best suits your needs.