Plastic Crates

Buy High Quality Plastic Crates Online

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, we are committed to manufacturing industry-leading plastic storage products that increase safety, improve functionality and maximise efficiency. For over sixty years we have been working with customers across a variety of industries, designing and manufacturing products to meet their needs. In that time, health and safety has grown to be a core factor in businesses across the globe and an area that we adapted into our own products. Today, we supply first-rate plastic storage solutions that address the safety concerns of the most demanding and tough workplaces while offering outstanding storage capacity that keeps equipment organised and stock easy to access. Hundreds of businesses in New Zealand and Australia rely on our products every day. We hope you will too.
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Plastic Storage Crates Designed to Last For Years Of Use

Our stackable plastic storage solutions are composed of polypropylene copolymer, a thermoplastic that is approved for direct food contact. Polypropylene copolymer is a soft and pliable plastic that has great impact strength and durability. It is also more stress crack resistant and is tougher at lower temperatures making it the perfect choice for demanding work involved in medical device storage, restaurant food preparation, garage tool organisation and the safe storage of maintenance equipment. Chemical and corrosion-resistant with no moisture absorption, our plastic crates are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear so that our customers can rely on them for years of regular use without any loss of performance.

More Than Just A Plastics Supplier

Alongside our plastic crates, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co also stocks a wide range of handling equipment. We have everything from pallets and wheelie bins to lift tables and pallet jacks, gate equipment to conveyors, tyres and tubes to bearings and sleeves. Richmond offers a complete one-stop-shop for wheels, castors and materials handling. Whether you are working in the catering or craft industry, you run a workshop or garage or you are simply an enthusiastic hobbyist, you can find outstanding plastic products that make your operation more efficient and safe at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co.

High-Quality Plastic Products You Can Rely On

If you are in need of high-quality stackable plastic crates then you should check out Richmond Wheel & Castor Co’s full range of storage solutions right here on our website. We cater to all industries and can accommodate any specific requirements that you may have. We are a dedicated team of engineers that have adapted our services over six decades to meet the needs of all manner of industries. You can request a quote for any of our products through our online portal. When you reference what application your product is intended to meet, we will ensure that you are getting the best item for the job and will advise otherwise if there is a better course to follow. For the very best in plastic storage crates, you can trust that Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has you covered.
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