Plastic Storage Containers

Buy Plastic Storage Containers That Will Stand The Test Of Time

It is hard to think of any business, any trade, any serious hobby that does not need easy and effective storage solutions. For over sixty years, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has been helping tradespeople, hobby enthusiasts, homemakers and many more by supplying plastic storage containers that keep spaces clean and organised. We specialise in first-rate engineering and handling solutions for anyone looking to increase the efficiency of their business operation or domestic setup.
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Versatile Plastic Products to Meet Your Every Need

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co was established half a century ago as a steel and engineering company. In the decades since, we have adapted our family business to meet the changing industry needs. Today, we are one of the leading wheel, castor and plastics manufacturing businesses with a reputation for great quality products that last generations. If you are looking for plastic storage drawers in NZ, then Richmond Wheel & Castor Co is the first and last place you should consider. We stock a comprehensive range of storage solutions to meet all domestic, industrial and enthusiast needs.

Here’s a quick look at what our incredible storage containers can cater for:

Maximum storage space – our megabins come in solid and collapsible configurations to suit the needs of any heavy-duty industry application. An excellent solution to large scale food storage like fruit picking, or dairy farming, these massive bins can accommodate heavy loads, contain them securely and even fold away when not in use.

Eco-friendly storage solutions – our recyclable crates are composed of polypropylene making them an excellent carbon-neutral way to store your stock or belongings without putting further strain on the environment. We have a range of stackable and nested options that offer a wide variety of efficient storage options.

Perfect hardware organisation – our part bins and part trays are ideally suited to heavy-duty storage applications. These trays and bins can store a variety of items like hardware components, tool parts, nuts and screws so that you can keep your garage, workshop or shed organised. We use recycled polypropylene in the manufacture of our parts trays, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Space-saving boxes – our stackable plastic boxes provide huge space-saving solutions for businesses with limited surface area available. We offer plastic crates in all sizes and plenty of colour options to suit the aesthetics of any setup.

Liquid container crates – for any business involved in the production or transportation of milk or dairy products, our milk and bottle crates are essential. – Designed for the transportation of milk and other dairy products, our milk and bottle crates are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene and feature durable handles as well as smooth interior surfaces.

Wheelie bins – our heavy-duty, mobile garbage bins offer excellent waste disposal solutions. They can also serve as storage containers for large quantities of any substance your business might need. Available in any colour you require, in either 120 or 240 litres, you can transport the contents of your wheelie bin with ease, regardless of its weight.

Jerry cans and liquid drums – our industrial liquid cans and drums are ideal tightly sealed containers for water, oils, automotive liquid, detergent or chemicals. Catering to capacities from one litre up to twenty litres, these drums meet the demands of the catering, automotive and heavy industries.

Richmond: The Mark of Quality

You can find our products in use in homes and businesses all across New Zealand and Australia. We regularly sell to customers looking to clear attic space and move belongings to a new property, tradespeople in need of better workshop or garage storage space, restaurateurs and hoteliers trying to maximise available floor space while keeping stock safe, organised and easy to access. We pride ourselves on our quality plastic products, designed to the highest standards of durability to last the test of time.

When it comes to storage engineering, we are the experts and we are constantly looking for ways to refine our products and our manufacturing methods to stay ahead of the crowd. We are committed to offering first-rate plastic storage containers while safeguarding a green and environmentally sustainable future for generations to come. To that end, we continue to invest in the latest plastic technologies that use recycled materials and reduce the need for harmful carbon emissions. We have enjoyed sixty years of dedicated custom, by marrying our environmental commitment with our quality guarantee we hope to enjoy a further sixty years at the forefront of plastic engineering.

Plastic Storage Boxes, Containers & Drawers

Richmond Wheel and Castor is an industry leader when it comes to smart storage solutions for businesses in NZ. We supply an extensive range of high-quality plastic storage containers to suit a wide range of applications and industries – from light domestic to heavy-duty industrial use.

Among our extensive product range, you’ll find:

    • • Storage bins online (indoor and outdoor)
    • • Plastic storage containers with lid
    • • Storage boxes
    • • Stackable bins with handles
    • • Plastic trays
    • • Food-grade trays
    • • Stacking and nesting crates
    • • Lug boxes
    • • Buckets
    • • Security crates
    • • Jerry cans
    • • Plastic tubs
    • • And much more

All products in our range of plastic storage boxes have been designed to give users the ultimate in strength, durability, convenience and high performance – year after year. And with capacities of up to 68 litres and 30 kilograms, you can be assured that our plastic containers will take anything you throw at them.

The Best Storage Solutions For Businesses Nationwide

Regardless of if you’re looking for a storage box in Auckland or food grade plastic storage solutions in Wellington, it’s important for any well-run business in NZ to implement smart, safe storage practices. Whether you’re a warehouse, logistics, food manufacturing, medical business, or operating in a large-scale industrial environment, a well-organised storage system greatly increases the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Storage bins are particularly handy for keeping together those little nuts, bolts, and other odds and ends that seem to disappear the moment you put them down. And of course, our huge plastic storage containers are just as helpful for a home handyperson – they’re perfect for organising your tool shed or home workshop.

Ordering Plastic Containers In Nz Has Never Been Easier!

For more information on our plastic bins, large plastic storage boxes, or any of our other solutions for indoors and outdoors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Richmond Wheel and Castor Co team. Call us on 0800 61 71 81, send us an email, or complete an online enquiry form – available in the top right-hand corner of the page. We are always happy to give personalised advice and information based on your unique requirements.

Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at our Auckland store, which carries the full range of our plastic products.

No Matter the Industry or Application, We Have The Ideal Storage Solution For You

If you work in the foodservice, retail, hotel, manufacturing or machine repair industry then you need robust container solutions to keep your operation organised and ensure you have easy access to what you need when you need it. Whatever your container needs might be Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has the storage box in NZ you’re looking for. You can browse our online catalogue right here on our website.

Whatever you do, be sure to check with Richmond before you make your next plastic container purchase elsewhere. Only quality, durable plastic products like ours are designed to withstand constant use year in year out. If there is something specific you are searching for but can’t find, then please get in touch with us. Richmond Wheel & Castor Co also offers outstanding engineering services, if you need something built, regardless of how large or small your project may be, we can build it. Call Richmond Wheel & Castor Co today for a quote today and learn how we can help you achieve maximum efficiency with premium quality plastic container and engineering solutions. You won’t regret it.
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