1700mm Battery Powered Univator (UVR002)

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Product Name Univator

Safe Working Load (kg) 100

Max Height (mm) 1700

Min Height (mm) 130

Load Centre 235

Platform Size 470×600

Overall size 890x600x1980

Battery Powered Lifts & Univators

Richmond’s univator is ergonomically practical and highly maneuverable. As a lightweight battery powered lifter, the univator is unparalleled in performance, designed to take the strain out of many lifting jobs from ground level to shoulder height. Ideally suited to offices, laboratories, filing rooms and any confined spaces, its features include a removable hand control for maximum operator comfort as well as the ability to lift 150kg when required.

Imagine you have hundreds of reams of paper in boxes that need to be stacked in a shoulder height cupboard – not an uncommon occurrence in many medium or large offices. This is just one example of how the battery powered lift can be utilised.

Other Fork Stackers

Sometimes stacking requires something a little more heavy-duty. Richmond’s 400kg battery electric fork stacker and counter balanced fork stacker are the next step up and are suitable for a variety of applications.

400kg Battery Electric Fork Stacker

This robust battery powered lift comes equipped with an onboard battery charger and lockable castors, making it perfect for daily use in workplaces that need more electric lifting power than the univator can provide.

Counter Balanced Fork Stacker

Providing exceptional performance and eliminating straddle legs thanks to its counter balance, this lift is ideal for container loading or unloading within small and confined spaces. Additionally, these personal lifts are allowed to operate in pedestrian areas where forklifts are forbidden.

Battery Electric Fork Stacker – Straddle

When you require a heavy-duty battery powered lift for a factory or warehouse, look no further than the straddle battery electric fork stacker. Our straddle model provides an impressive lifting capacity of up to 1,500kg. Created with multiple industries and applications in mind, it boasts a number

Product Code UVR002
Safe Working Load (kg) 100
Min Fork Height (mm) 130
Max Fork Height (mm) 1700
Load Centre 235
Platform Dimensions (mm) 470 x 600
Overall Dimensions (mm) 890 x 600 x 1980

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