Workplace Safety Equipment

Workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone on the site, whether a person is in a higher managerial position or they’re a new employee. It’s up to everyone to report any hazards they discover to prevent accidents from occurring, and it’s up to management or the nominated staff members to see that those hazards are fixed.

Richmond NZ specialises in providing a wide range of safety products for businesses in New Zealand, particularly those that might require direct access from busy roadways. Our range of road safety products to keep workers safe while on the job include traffic safety barriers and bollards, barrier tape, traffic cones, barrier mesh and netting, sand bags, and much more.


In addition to road safety products like bollards and barriers, Richmond also supplies a great selection of safety products for indoor workplace environments. You’ll find everything from wet floor signs and spill kits to security mirrors and safety tape.

As leading safety barriers suppliers in New Zealand, Richmond is committed to helping workplaces remain as safe as possible. Browse our complete range of bollards, barriers and other safety products and place your order today – we deliver nationwide. If you’d like further information on traffic barriers or any of our other products, call us on 0800 61 71 81 or email [email protected].