Anti-Fatigue Mats

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  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 600 x 900mm – Black Border (FMR001)

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  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 600 x 900mm – Yellow Border (FMR003)

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  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 900 x 1200mm – Black Border (FMR002)

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  • Anti-Fatigue Mat 900 x 1200mm – Yellow Border (FMR004)

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Showing all 4 results

How do our Anti-Fatigue Mats Reduce Worker Fatigue?

Each mat features a domed surface that improves circulation and posture by keeping your feet moving whilst standing. This results in less discomfort and fatigue when standing for extended periods. Improving quality of life by giving relief from standing on hard surfaces.

  • 2 sizes available
  • Moulded rubber construction provides comfort and relief for leg and back fatigue
  • Available in solid black or black with high visibility yellow border
  • Non-slip safety edges around each mat for increased stability

Perfect for warehouses, retail settings, offices, and more

The thick rubber construction and non-slip rubber edges make these mats perfect for all kinds of environments. These commercial anti-fatigue mats are perfect for any setting where employees are standing for extended periods of time.

Our floor mats with yellow safety edges offer increased visibility to reduce tripping hazards. These are available in two standard sizes – 60 x 90cm or 90cm x 1.2m