Stackable Pipe Rollers

This is a popular solution due to the simple stackable design which minimises transport costs to and from job sites. Each product can be supplied with lightweight base frames for easy positioning and handling, or heavy base frames for larger pipes to prevent roller frames from moving during pipe handling.

They have a lightweight and stackable design. The profile of the roller can be made to suit 200mm-600mm diameter pipes. The c-groove profile combined with a soft grade of tyre make this solution the gentlest on special pipe coatings. Should preventing damage to a pipe coating be critical for your application, we can supply this roller to suit your pipe and eliminate the risk of damaging a pipe coating.

Complete Roller

This is one of Richmond’s most popular pipe handling solutions. The complete pipe roller has been used for hundreds of pipe handling projects. They are suitable for pipes from 50mm up to 900mm with a SWL of 1000kg. The complete roller and bearing assembly can be supplied without frame to incorporate the roller into special solutions.

Heavy Duty Pipe Rollers

For extremely heavy pipe handling projects where a large span between pipe supports is required due to difficult to level terrain, Richmond offers a custom design and fabrication service to suit a specific pipe diameter or varying diameter pipe. The photos below show one of 8 pipe cradles used to launch a welded and pressure tested 42” steel pipe from onshore to offshore in single length. Each cradle had a SWL of 120 tonne, incorporating the self-aligning concept to evenly share load over all rollers.

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