Lightweight Piano Dollie with 10″ Pneumatic Wheels (PDR100)

Product Name : Piano Dollies / Trolleys

Safe Working Load (kg): 250

Weight(kg): 8

Length (mm): 740

Width (mm): 380

Height (mm): 300

Wheel Size (mm): 260

Wheel Type: Offset Pneumatic

Wheel Code: PN1071-62

Featuring a lightweight 8kg design this heavy duty piano trolley has been purpose built for the movement of heavy, bulky and awkward loads, including pianos and cabinetry on its flatbed design.

The sturdy 25mm square tube yellow frame with a strong 3¼ inch axel frame, high quality, fitted with protective cushioning to protect your load.

The 10″ Richmond Pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride over a range of different ground surfaces, fitted with the highest quality rubber tyres and sealed bearings increasing water resistance and decreasing rolling resistance.
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