Pram Handle Pneumatic Hand Trolley (PRR125)

$280.86 inc GST

Product Name : Pram Handle Hand Trolleys

Capacity (kg): 300

Trolley Size (mm): 1300 x 540

Toe Plate Size (mm): 360 x 310

Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Tyre Size (mm): 4.10/3.50 – 4

Wheel Diameter(mm): 260

Wheel Code: PN1070

Richmond’s Pram Handled Hand Trolley features an ergonomically curved handle for single-handed comfort and control, ideal for applications in the office and delivery industries such as moving flat packages, magazines, cartons and boxes. The pneumatic wheels on the PRR125 model allow for a lifting capacity of 300kgs, so that you can get the job done as efficiently as possible. 
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