250mm Elastic Rubber Wheel | 5/8″ Axle Diameter (ER1006-62)

$57.83 inc GST

Product Name : 250mm Wheel

DIAMETER(mm): 250mm

TYRE WIDTH(mm): 50

BOSS WIDTH(mm): 56 offset

AXLE DIAMETER: 5/8 inch (15.87mm)

BEARING TYPE: Flange Ball Bearing

LOAD CAPACITY(kg): 250/225


These elastic rubber wheels feature a soft elastic rubber tyre which provides shock absorbing resulting in a cushioned ride for fragile goods.The ER1006-62 by Richmond is a 250mm diameter elastic rubber wheel that can hold loads up to 250kg and has a tyre width of 50mm.The axle diameter is 5/8 inch (15.87mm) and this wheel is available for the following alternative axle size: 3/4 inch (19.05mm), 20mm.

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