100mm High Temp Polymer 300 Series Castor (R4355)

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Meeting and exceeding all performance standards due to a higher load bearing capacity, the 300 Series has a wide range of uses. A nylon wheel in a 300 series is most common for industrial and trolley applications, a rebound rubber wheel is ideal for road cases and transportable crates whilst a poly nylon wheel is best suited to undercover and showroom displays. Cast Iron, Poly Cast Iron and Aluminium wheels are also available with this series.

Product Code R4355
Wheel Diameter (mm) 100
Frame Type Rigid
Wheel Width (mm) 32
Wheel Type High Temp Polymer
Wheel Code HT481
Wheel Bearing Type Oilless DU Bush
Castor Height (mm) 133
Maximum Load Capacity (kg) 200
Recommended Load Capacity (kg) 175
Temperature range (°C) -20° to 280°
-20˚ to 280˚C Wheel Temp

-20˚ to 280˚C Wheel Temp



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