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Whether you run a busy restaurant, a hotel laundry service or even a hospital wing, you are likely to be quite reliant on the humble service cart. It is a simple, effective design of easy storage and easy transport of food or towels and for many hospitality businesses, they are one of the most well-used tools. That means they have to be robust.

As a manufacturer with 60 years of experience, we know how to produce good quality service carts. Over the years we’ve built up a fantastic reputation for hard-wearing industrial equipment designed to transport all manner of products and items. We’ve worked with all manner of industry sectors, including warehouses, factories, hospitality and aviation.

High Quality Service Carts For Sale

We pride ourselves on the decks we’ve created for these carts. They are available in a range of different styles and are with a range of customisable options. We also ahave a wide range of products for all your hospitality equipment needs including: industrial trolleys, pallet jacks, ladders and more.

  • Tiers – We offer our carts in a range of tier styles, sizes and finishes. They have a high load-bearing capacity and they all come with robust handles for ease of movement.
  • Materials – We know how important it is to be able to maintain hygiene in the service industry, which is why our decks are made with nonporous, lightweight and easy to clean materials.
  • Easy to assemble – We send out our carts as flat-packed items with simple instructions on how to assemble them. This means that if you move business, you can move your carts with you without them taking up too much space.

If you are in the hospitality or retail sector, you’ll want to buy service carts that fit in with your style as well. We believe our carts offer the perfect balance of durability and style. There is a range of finishes and materials available to suit your front of house aesthetic.

A good service cart should be able to withstand a lot of use, often in quite varied situations. They should be able to withstand constant friction to the wheels. They should be stable and steady on their wheels and able to take the knocks and scrapes that often happen in a busy environment.

As the premier manufacturer of industrial wheels and castors in Australia, we know that even the most robust cart is useless without a good set of wheels. We also know that each set of wheels have to be appropriate to the environment they will be used in. Take a look at some of the customisable options when you are placing your order.

  • Different sizes – you can opt for a wide array of different widths and diameters when placing your order.
  • Huge load capacities – they are all designed with heavy industrial use in mind and so they can undergo a huge amount of use and stress.
  • Non-marking – they are created with materials that won’t score up your floor and we have wheels that run on carpet, wood or vinyl without ruining it.
  • Swivel castors – built to aid greater manoeuvrability so your cart won’t be spinning or taking wrong turns!

Buy Service Carts From Richmond AU.

Whatever you need from your service cart you are sure to find the right one with us. Take a look through our service cart range and our customisable options. If you are looking for a fleet of them, get in touch or request a quote and we’ll see how we can best serve you. You can pay straight away or take advantage of our payment plan.

We’re never far away, so when you order from us it will be with you in no time at all so order now and we’ll get you rolling!

Please note various castor sizes & wheel options available!

Available in 3 or 4 tier, this versatile trolley features sturdy plastic storage bins with an attractive chrome finish for the safe transport of goods and easy access. Ideally suited to office, retail, medical, beauty salon and hair salons, Richmond Service Carts are an economical solution for convenience, productivity and efficiency.


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