Furniture Moving Dollies for Sale Online

One particular kind of product we offer to help with this issue is the moving dolly. Designed and built drawing on our 60 years of experience in a wide range of moving equipment, our products have been used by hospitals, hotels and warehouses along with countless other businesses. Whatever you need a removalist dolly for, we’re sure to have the right one for you.

Our Furniture Dollies for Sale

When searching for the perfect furniture dolly for sale, you need to consider a few things about the loads you expect to move. We have different moving dollies suited to different jobs, and we use a range of materials and designs. Consider the shape of the items you want moving and where it is best to position the dolly as you move it.

The rectangular dollies we stock include:

  • Rubber Deck Dollie – The rubber deck dollies are an excellent choice for items which require a surface which is gentle on the item. We fit them with non-marking rebound rubber castors which will absorb any shocks or bumps effectively and double ball bearing swivel wheels for optimum manoeuvrability.
    These are sized between 450mm x 300mm and 900mm x 600mm and carry between 320kg and 500kg.
  • Timber Deck Dolly – Similar in design to the rubber deck dollies these are great for comfortable handling of items as you move them. They have integrated handles for ease of carriage when have used them and like all our products they have great durability and manoeuvrability. These are sized between 450mm x 300mm and 700mm x 500mm and can carry150kg safely.

We also offer circular and triangular dollies for those items which require particular care in some areas. These are available in both rubber and timber and can carry between 100kg and 320kg. We can also offer our three-wheeled castor dolly and our heavy duty Poly Nylon wheeled Dolly which is excellent for use in stage and theatrical equipment.

If you are looking to move a piano or other types of large cabinet styled furniture, we’ve got the solution for that too. We offer three types of piano dolly. These are:

These are designed with a rigid yellow frame and protective cushion to save your items from scratches. Our pneumatic wheels are effective when it comes shock absorption on all kinds of terrain, and our rubber wheels are built using non-marking, blue rebound rubber. The load capacity for these is between 400kg and 600kg.

Order a Furniture Moving Dollys Today!

We’re always ready to help out with whatever issue you might be facing when it comes to moving furniture or when considering one of our industrial-grade furniture dollys for sale. Over the years we’ve come across a whole range of different problems in moving, so if you need guidance for your move, we’re the ones to turn to. Give us a call today and we’ll figure out which of our items work best for you.

When you’ve got to grips with what you need, just order online, request a quote or place your order over the phone. We’re happy to split the payments on some items if your budget is tight and we’re never far away. We have stores and warehouses all across the nation so when you order are only days away from receiving your dolly!
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