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Moving Items Efficiently with a Flatbed Trolley

Each trolley features a low and flat load area that allows items to be loaded and unloaded easily with no sides or other obstructions to restrict what can be carried. However, the usual lack of sides means that these carts are particularly suitable for flat, uniform-shaped products rather than round or loose items that can roll off. For the right products, however, they are a carrying method that’s difficult to beat and we have other carts for different loads.

Why Flatbed Trolleys are so Useful

For manual handling, flatbed carts are the workhorses of warehouses and are also widely used in stores, production areas and other types of working environments where goods need to be moved as well as being provided for customer use in self-serve hardware stores. That’s because they are so easy to use, even for relatively heavy loads, and are so adaptable. The ones we supply are particularly suitable due to their many beneficial features:

  • stainless steel beds are available so the trolleys can be used safely to move food products and in wet areas, since they’re resistant to corrosion
  • varying sizes of beds to handle different quantities and weights of load
  • a combination of fixed and swivel wheels so that manoeuvring the trolley in restricted spaces is simple and the cart can easily be kept on a straight line at other times
  • an ergonomic handle set at the right height and angle to make moving and manoeuvring the trolley easier and safer
  • sturdy wheels or castors that can be easily interchanged to help movement on different terrains and ensure a smooth ride
  • effective and easily operated brake to provide stability when loading and unloading
  • high-quality materials and manufacturing methods to ensure durability even in harsh working environments
  • rounded corners to reduce the possibility of damage and injury in the event of collisions
  • availability of two-tier platform trolleys with cages for extra flexibility in carrying loads
  • supplied in kit form for secure transportation or fully assembled and ready to use if required.

Flatbed Trolleys With The Best Materials Handling Equipment

Like everything else we supply, Richmond Wheel and Castor Co’s flatbed trolleys are designed and built for maximum resilience, practical use and safety. Combining them with the use of other service carts, racking, castors and wheels, you can create an efficient operation within your organisation to move and store a variety of items.

We have a wide variety of products to support materials handling of all kinds and can help to make your processes much more efficient and productive. Our technical support people can advise you on the best platform trolleys and flatbed trolleys as well as anything else you might need. Just get in touch to let us know what you want to do.
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