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  • 720L Megabin Solid (BNR101GRY)

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  • 720L Megabin Vented (BNR103GRY)

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  • 350L Collapsible Agriculture Crate (BNR112)

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  • Collapsible Megabin 1162 x 1162 x 780mm (BNR104)

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  • Collapsible Megabin 1162 x 1162 x 780mm (BNR111)

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  • Collapsible Megabin 1200 x 1000 x 800mm (BNR105)

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  • Lid to Suit Megabin (BNR100)

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Pallet Bins

One of the biggest issues for those who harvest and distribute perishable products is ensuring that there is always appropriate and cost-effective storage that can hold large quantities. Seasons can change rapidly, and conditions can have an adverse effect on products if warehouse managers or producers cannot transport their storage equipment quickly. Further, if the storage equipment is of poor quality, produce can be irretrievably ruined.

It’s with these issues in mind that we’ve developed our pallet bins. We’ve worked for a long time – just over six decades – to create the best quality storage equipment for agricultural and farming companies. Over that time, we’ve come to understand how important versatility can be, and that good quality material can sometimes mean the difference between a good harvesting season and a bad one.
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Megabins That Are Breathable, Collapsible and Moveable

If you work in agriculture or food products, you’ll likely be used to having to scramble against the weather in order to save your crop. This is true of the product you’ve harvested too, but there is also the issue of temperature and air quality. All produce, to a great or lesser extent requires certain atmospheric conditions, where it is airflow, dryness or light. This will sometimes mean that your storage will need to be moved inside or outside, depending on the contents.

With all this in mind, we’re pleased to show off just a couple of items from our range of megabins:

720L Vented Megabin

Built with our standard strong and durable polyethylene plastic, these vented megabins are made to be 100% recyclable, UV stabilised and utterly resistant to the hygiene issues that often come with atmospheric changes. The vents encourage a great airflow which can help to cool warm or hot products in next to no time during food production.

Collapsible Megabin 1200 x 1000 x 800mm

Especially useful for seasonal industries, these collapsable megabins are enormously popular in the fruit picking industries where space can sometimes be an issue. This one packs down to just 300mm in height and can be transformed from a solid megabin to a vented one, making it one of the most versatile of our products.

These are only two of our range, and all come with a pallet jack or forklift entry points and many are stackable too. Take a look through our wider catalogue and see some of our other megabins or pallet-based storage solutions.

Vented Megabins: Get Your Order in Today!

Whatever application you can think of, whatever products you might need to store in bulk, we’ve got the solution. If you want to get a better idea of what is available or just want to ask a few questions about our products, just pick up the phone and give us a call or even drop in if you are in the area to take a look at our bins. You can even have a chat with us now via our instant messaging service.

Other products we supply: plastic bins, plastic drum, laundry trolleys and more!

However, if you’ve gone through our catalogue and have a good idea of what you are after, you can order it right now with only a few keystrokes. Just add the crate or bin to your cart, add or remove items as you see fit (keeping in mind any discount offers we might have sent you) and complete your checkout with a few details. Then leave the rest to us, and we’ll get your pallet bins right out to you!
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