Richmond’s range of cam follower wheels are a solution for moving applications requiring single bolt/stub axle wheel mounting. Unlike ISO Standard cam followers, this series is constructed around precision ball bearings and grade 10.9 high-tensile metric bolt axles. This provides the ability to size axle lengths to suit preferred mounting methods through structural beams, heavy plate or even small to large box sections. Ball bearings offer higher multi-directional capacity compared with needle roller bearings found in ISO standard cam followers, with the option to incorporate stainless steel bearings for corrosive applications or high temperature bearings for furnace, oven and bakery applications.

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Standard Dimensions

Part Number Wheel Diameter (mm) Wheel Width (mm) Shoulder Width (mm) Bolt Head Extension (mm) Frame Clamping Thickness (mm) Axle Diameter Standard Bolt Length Thread Length (mm) Load Capacity (kg) Bearing Type PDF Download CAD Drawing Download
CAM50X30M12 50 30 2.5 4 2-16MM M12 (10.9 BOLT) M12X60 30 450 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM60X40M16 60 40 2.5 5 2-20MM M16 (10.9 BOLT) M16X80 43 850 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM75X45M20 75 45 3 6 5-25MM M20 (10.9 BOLT) M20X100 60 1100 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM90X50M24 90 50 3 7 5-30MM M24 (10.9 BOLT) M24X110 66 1500 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM110X60M30 110 60 3 8 5-30MM M30 (10.9 BOLT) M30X130 79 2250 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM125X70M36 125 70 3 9 5-30MM M36 (10.9 BOLT) M36X150 92 3000 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM150X80M42 150 80 3 10 5-40MM M42 (10.9 BOLT) M42X170 105 5000 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download
CAM200X90M48 200 90 5 11 8-45MM M48 (10.9 BOLT) M48X190 116 6500 2RS PRECISION BALL BEARING download download

Standard Wheel Configuration Options

If our standard wheel configuration/capacity options don’t quite meet your project requirements, below are some examples of typical cam follower wheel configurations we can manufacture.


Buy Cam Followers from Richmond Rolling Solutions

Whatever industry you are in, whether packaging, food or pharmaceuticals plus many others, and whether you use agricultural machinery, cranes or other equipment, we have the cam followers to meet your needs. Our use of ball bearings rather than needle roller bearings means our heavy duty cam followers differ from conventional and lower quality bearings since all of the loading is concentrated at a single point rather than being distributed around the diameter or the bearing. As a result, they work effectively, can handle very heavy loads and are able to withstand intermittent and extreme shocks without danger of fracture.

Common Usage of Cam Followers

Although most people aren’t familiar with cam followers, these devices are present in many common pieces of equipment such as washing machines, dish washers and in cars, where the camshaft is a well known term. For industrial use, cam followers are commonly used in automation equipment, machine tools and material handling equipment amongst others.

Since the purpose of a cam is to convert rotary motion (around an axis) into linear motion (in a straight line), a cam follower is needed to make the transfer between the two types. It can also be employed in reverse to convert linear motion to rotary motion.

Typical Features of Cam Followers

In order to convert the motion as required, the cam follower needs to make a contact with the cam. Additionally, due to the wide variety of applications in which they’re used and the different types and sizes of machines, our cam followers come in an extensive range to suit every need.

Features of our cam followers include:

  • a thick walled outer ring that allows high radial and axial loads and at the same time reduces bending stresses and distortion
  • a crowned outer ring running surface that is helpful in applications where edge stresses need to be kept to a minimum or where outer ring tilting may occur relative to the track; this may result from incorrect mounting and aids in producing a long service life
  • easy mounting on machine components using a hexagonal nut or a threaded solid stud
  • multiple styles and sizes that include spherical or cylindrical outer rings, shield or sealed versions to prevent penetration by unwanted particles and cage or full complement design.

The Best Cam Followers for every Application

Our cam followers have excellent rotational performance, a low co-efficient of friction and are designed and manufactured for a long life even with high impact loads. We have different sizes, design options and materials to cater for all sorts of applications. These include stainless steel versions that are suitable for use in clean rooms due to their resistance to corrosion.

All are designed for efficient use, simple attachment and significant flexibility for a variety of applications that include office automation, industrial robotics and machine tools. Whatever equipment you have, if you need to convert rotary to linear motion, Richmond Wheel and Castor Co have a cam follower to meet your needs. If you’re unsure of the particular type you require, we’re here to help and can give all the advice you need.

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