It has been formulated to produce a polyurethane which will self extinguish combined with reduced electrical resistance. Richmond Rolling Solutions uses the highest quality chemical products to manufacture its extensive range of polyurethane moulded products. With a new polyurethane manufacturing plant now in operation, Richmond has the capacity to manufacture large quantities and extremely large products quickly and efficiently while maintaining the best quality products available in the Mining and Pipeline industry today. We are genuine polyurethane engineering experts.

Our team can provide detailed specification sheets and reports for all products at the completion of manufacture. Fire resistant ratings and anti-static resistance figures can be calculated at design and analysed during manufacture to ensure product integrity and conformation to Australian Standards as required.

A new breakthrough product development at Richmond is the addition of FRAS STANDARD polymer additives now being available for use in all products manufactured for mining, pipeline and fluid transport systems. The FRAS STANDARD system has been successfully used in mining applications where the polyurethane must satisfy Electrical Resistance AS1334.9 and Fire Resistance AS1334.10. Polyurethane FRAS STANDARD system produces an elastomer with outstanding toughness, high elongation, and excellent tear strength and abrasion resistance.

These new technology polymer additives provide supreme protection for products involved in pipeline and mining operations by allowing the product to be formulated to suit each specific application as required. The additive also provides the highest level of protection in the industry today with the ability to self extinguish in the case of fire and also provides supreme anti static protection to conveyor system belting and other mining product operations.

All products manufactured and supplied by Richmond conform to all Australian Standards as specified. Richmond are experts in the field of Electro-Chemical and Polymer product development and can design and manufacture a professional and cost effective solution for clients all over the world.

Richmond can design, manufacture and supply any polyurethane product to suit any project or application. Richmond can manufacture rollers, bushes, insulators, isolation matts, anti static matts or moulded products to suit all client requirement. No object is too large as Richmond can make any mould for any product, in any volume.

All products can now also be made utilizing the newest chemical technology, FRAS Standard – to ensure that Fire Retardant and Anti Static Capabilities can be engineered into every product manufactured by Richmond. Call now and speak to our expert engineers and let them design a polyurethane FRAS solution for you.

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