Wire Stillage Cage 1150 x 1150 x 850mm (STILLAGE1)

$595.70 inc GST

Product Name: Collapsible Wire Stillage Cage

Exterior Dimensions: 1150(L) x 1150(W) x 850(H)mm

Folded Size: 1150(L) x 1150(W) x 200(H)mm

Interior Dimensions: 1085(L) x 1115(W) x 710(H)mm

Wire Mesh Size: 50 x 100mm

Mesh Gauge: 6mm

Volume: 850L

Safe Working Load: 800kg

Weight: 31kg

Collapsible wire stillage cages are the ultimate tool for sturdy, durable, portable, foldable, collapsible storage and transport. Perfect for bulk materials handling , display applications, collection of waste products, transport and storage: especially for automotive parts, accessories and spare parts, hardware, machinery, and electronics. The steel wire containers play an important role in logistics, and they are widely used in cargo handling, warehousing, transportation and storage.

The STILLAGE1 model cage from Richmond Wheel & Castor Co features a 6mm mesh gauge with a 50 x 100mm grid size, as well as welded baseplates for attaching castors to the bottom of the cage.

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