Stubby Narrow Pallet Jack (PJR012)

$645.15 inc GST

Product Name Stubby Narrow Pallet Jack

Safe Working Load (kg) 2500

Model Stubby Narrow

Max Fork Height (mm) 190

Min fork height (mm) 85

Fork Length (mm) 800

Fork Overall Width (mm) 540

Individual Fork Width (mm) 160

The Richmond Pallet Jack is an unrivalled icon of the materials handling industry. With close to 60 years of experience in production and research, Richmond continues to manufacture the best and most robust pallet jacks on the market. When it comes to quality, we never compromise.

Why Choose the PJR012 Stubby Narrow Pallet Jack?

  • High-quality hydraulics
  • Huge 2500kgs Safe Working Load
  • Strong, reinforced steel construction
  • Easy access entry and exit rollers
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use release lever
  • Designed specifically for skids and tight spaces
  • So simple to operate – and always ready to go!

Designed specifically to suit skids and small pallets, particularly in a tight environment the strong steel construction of the PJR012 Stubby Pallet Jack is unbeatable. We ensure that all critical stress points are reinforced, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its manual hydraulic operation makes it the perfect for skids.

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