150mm Solid Nylon Wheel | 20mm Axle Diameter (NY652-M20BLK)

Product Name : 150mm Wheel

DIAMETER(mm): 150mm

TYRE WIDTH(mm): 50

BOSS WIDTH(mm): 60

Tyre Colour: Black


BEARING TYPE: Plain Bearing

LOAD CAPACITY(kg): 400/300


These high quality cast nylon wheels are strong and durable.The NY652-M20BLK by Richmond is a 150mm diameter nylon wheel and has a tyre width of 50mm.The following Richmond castors use this wheel (not necessarily with the same axle diameter) S6222, S6222B, R6061, R6811, S6060, S6060D, S6060SLB, S6146, S6146B, R6143, S6142, S6142B.The axle diameter of this wheel is 20mm and this wheel is available for the following alternative axle size: 3/4 inch (19.05mm), 3/4 inch (19.05mm).

Product Code NY652-M20BLK
Wheel Diameter (mm) 150
Tyre Width (mm) 50
Boss Width (mm) 60
Axle Diameter 20mm
Wheel Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Maximum Load Capacity (kg) 400
Recommended Load Capacity (kg) 300

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