1200mm Stair Climber Hand Trolley with Ratchet Strap (SCR114S)

$533.60 inc GST

Product Name : 1200mm Stair Climber Hand Trolleys

Capacity (kg): 250

Trolley Size (mm): 1200 x 410

Toe Plate Size (mm): 420 x 270

Wheel Type: Rebound Rubber

Tyre Size (mm): 150

Wheel Code: RTR116

Richmond’s Stair Climber Trolleys are carefully designed to safely maneuver heavy items such as refrigerators, cabinets and more up and down stairs and steps. Providing a secure and reliable moving dolly solution for the moving professional or for home use, our Stair Climber Trolley makes the act of step climbing with heavy loads a breeze. Boasting 150mm rebound rubber dolly wheels, loading strips, sturdy welds, a reinforced axle and an optional ratchet for extra peace of mind, stair climbing trolleys have never been better.

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