Square Tube End Caps Made to the Highest Standard

We’ve been taking the safety and convenience of Australians seriously since the 1950s, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With us, you can buy everything from carts, roll cages, trolleys, and wheelbarrows to bearings, fittings, and of course, our famously reliable wheels and castors. And when we manufacture something, we design it to last. We don’t want to see anyone coming in for a replacement item for a decade at the very least, and likely much longer. That goal extends to even the smallest details, including the end caps you’re searching for. So, if you see it in our online shop or one of our showrooms, rest assured that it’s been held to the highest standard.

What are Square Tube End Caps? What are They For?

The name square tube end caps rather says it all: these are small stoppers with ribbed inserts, which are used to cover the rough cut and often sharp edge of a length of square metal tubing. They’re often used to keep jobs neat; they don’t serve any structural function, and they don’t offer any reinforcement. They’re important for making sure that any hazardous bits of metal sticking out are capped and blunted. You’ll see these anywhere that hollow square metal tubing is used, which can vary from trailers and chassis to fencing, roofing, and furniture.

We especially recommend our square tube end caps for homes and already high-risk construction sites. If you’re a builder, the last thing you need is accidentally walking into jagged metal or having it fall on you. These caps prevent any real injury if that happens; instead, the only wound you’ll suffer from will be pride based. Meanwhile, if you have metal chairs, stools, or tables in your home, you may have lost some of these end caps or not had them to begin with. If you have kids or pets around the house, they risk hurting themselves on the exposed edges. These end caps make sure that doesn’t happen, and they also prevent the legs of your chairs and tables from damaging your floors.

Find Square Tube End Caps Anywhere!

If you’re looking to order and receive your product quickly, you’re in the right place! Where other companies might have only one showroom and take time to get your product to you, we’re better equipped. We have a showroom in every state, and we also have a location in Auckland. Odds are, we can work with your tight schedule better than others.

If you’d like to find your nearest showroom, check out their addresses and contact details under “Contact Us.”
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