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We’ve got just the retail stock trolley for you, whatever your requirements. As a company with over 60 years of experience of providing handling solutions to industries and companies across Australia, we know how to build versatile trolleys. Everything we make is built to last and we have a huge range of different products to suit every retail category.

Our Range of Retail Appropriate Trollies

We understand that there is no single solution to getting stock around your establishment. From delivery to inventory to front-of-house, retail items must be transported carefully and safely so that they arrive on the shelf intact. Here are just a few of the retail appropriate trollies that we stock across the nation:

  • Pallet Jack – Often these are useful at the initial delivery stage, especially if you are a business that has large crates to move quickly before unpacking and shelving. We stock both electric and semi-electric pallet jacks, both of which utilise an industry-leading hydraulic pump and an emergency brake.
  • Platform Trolleys – These are a great way of getting multiple items out onto the shop floor. They are also some of the most attractive of our items, so if you need to rush a product out you can do so with a little style!
  • Fork Stackers – If you work in a retail space that has an extensive back of house operation these are some of the most useful trollies you can employ. They designed with repeat picking and packing in mind and are built for comfort-of-use.
  • Six Wheel Platform Trolley – This six-wheel design is made to keep the centre wheel grounded so that you can rotate the platform and navigate aisles with greater ease. We offer them with either one or two handles and with one or two platforms.
  • Pneumatic Tyre Trolley – These tough, durable and heavy loading hand trolleys are a favourite in many industries including retail. Excellent for moving full boxes around a store or to front-of-house, they are built with heavy lifting and manoeuvrability in mind.

A Range Of Stock Trolleys For Retail Purposes

These are by no means the full range of trolleys we offer and, in each case, we are happy to customise our products to your needs. We encourage you to think about the terrain your trolley will be going over, whether its vinyl, gravel or wooden floorboards. Will you need it mostly for back-of-house or front-of-house and is it likely to be on the shop floor for any length of time?

Get in Touch For Your Next Retail Trolleys

If you aren’t sure exactly what it is you need, then give us a call! We’re always happy to help out clients with their handling equipment and we’ve had experiences of all kinds of companies across the retail sector. Call us u or email us with some details and we’ll find the right item for your business.

For those who have already got a clear idea, you are only a few clicks away from making your order. You can pay in full right away or split the payment up into more manageable payments. Follow our easy to use ordering system and we’ll send it out straight away from one of our many warehouses across Australia.
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