Non Marking Caster Wheels

Investing in your business is something that requires long-term planning, budgeting and consideration. Any changes made to the structure or upgrades that will enhance the first impression that your work environment makes will inevitably cost a pretty penny. As such, it is important to embrace accessories and products that will allow you to enjoy the quality of the changes made for as long as possible.

Non-marking caster wheels are the go-to choice for countless businesses when they make changes to the floor of their business place since they afford them the same degree of mobility without risking damage to the brand new investment that was just put in place.

The Premium Non-Marking Caster Wheel Manufacturers in Australia

Here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, we are the first port of call for those in the know. Whenever you need castor solutions in Australia we bet that no matter who you consult they will direct you to us. Why? Well, because we have been setting the benchmark for quality in this industry for over sixty years.

We are a family-run business, currently managed by its third generation and we are dedicated to increasing the safety, efficiency, functionality standards of our customers’ workplaces, as well as helping them to reduce accident and injury incidents. Our reputation is enviable, given that we can adapt our products to the specific needs of our clients.

High-Quality Non-Marking Castors Guaranteed

Eliminating the possibility of tyre residue on your floor, without compromising on the smoothness of movement is something that is valued greatly, and a feature that we excel at delivering.

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, we believe that when you are making changes to the workplace it is always worth leaving a little bit of the budget aside for the complementary products and accessories that will enhance the overall value proposition. You could acquire poor quality castors and save money, but in the long-term, should they fail, then the reality is that your work surfaces will forever remind you that a better option was available.

We don’t believe in, or accept second-best, and we never will. Given that we have decades of experience working with customers across a variety of diverse industries, some of which have highly specific requirements, you can feel confident that contacting us is a sure-fire way to find the perfect solution to meet and exceed your needs.

No challenge is too big or too small for our team. Our promise to those that choose us over our competitors is that they can feel certain that the finished goods, such as our plastic wheels or our swivel wheels, will meet our rigorously high standards and will be manufactured using the very best of materials.

Custom Designed Solutions Available

Here at Richmond Wheel & Castor Co, we can custom design and manufacture high-end solutions that will deliver exceptional standards. No matter what your priorities are, trust that we can craft the very best non-marking caster wheels available in Australia.

Our products are known for their fantastic design, craft, functionality and robustness, so when you invest in our casters, you invest in the future ease of your processes.
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