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Showing 1–12 of 51 results

Medium Duty Castors

This series is the ultimate choice for medium-duty applications. If offers a wide range of wheel types to suit varying floor surfaces and load requirements. The Light Industrial series is often seen on produce bins, market stalls, retail displays and in hospitals, nurseries, shops and general industry. It is our superstar all-rounder, and you won’t find a better range of medium-duty caster wheels anywhere else.

This range of general purpose castors can carry a maximum load of up to 125kg, and are available in a wide variety of wheel types such as institutional grey rubber, blue rebound rubber, polyurethane tyred nylon centred, solid nylon, high-temperature polymer, glass-filled nylon and aluminium. That’s where this range shines – it offers a solution for almost every project.

Which Wheel Type Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing a medium-duty wheel for your project, it can be hard to understand which wheel type would be best. That’s where we come in, as Australia’s wheel and castor experts. Here is a brief rundown of each wheel type in this range:

  • Institutional grey rubber wheels have non-marking tyres to prevent damage to floors, as well as sealed bearings and a matching grey thread guard. They are most suited to light-duty applications.
  • Blue rebound rubber wheels are non-marking, quiet, shock absorbing and have a low rolling resistance that ensures they move over small obstructions easily.
  • Poly tyred nylon centred wheels are hard wearing, non-marking and long lasting, and can carry high load capacities.
  • Solid nylon wheels are a durable choice with low rolling resistance, and are suitable for hard, smooth surfaces and outdoor or wet environments.
  • High temperature wheels such as high-temp polymer, glass-filled nylon or aluminium can handle temperatures ranging from -30˚ to 300 ˚C.

Which wheel type you choose depends on what your application is, what your floor type is, and the type of load you want to move. Thankfully, in the Light Industrial range, there is an option for all general purpose projects.

If you need assistance to choose the correct castor for the job, we’d love to speak to you. Our team have been living and breathing castors for 6 decades, and there’s nothing we’re better at. We’ve got showrooms across Australia in Melbourne, south Sydney, west Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide, where you can view our thousands of castor options. Or, you can also give us a call on 1300 474 246, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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